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Oculus Rift Reviewers: There’s Room for Improvement

Oculus Rift

The long waited for Rift from Oculus is finally shipping out, but according to first reviews from a few major tech companies, it has a few flaws.

Consumers have started receiving the Rift virtual reality package after many delays. The Facebook owned company will be hard-pressed to meet demand as, according to Rift’s order page, ship dates are already delayed into the second quarter.


Oculus Rift is one of the highest watched for products released this year because it is the first customer virtual reality system that allows you to walk through virtual space. It brings in the reality of a future where you can interact with other people around the world in a “fully immersive” VR world.

According to a few reviews, the real issue is that the future is not here yet.

The Wall Street Journal states, “The Rift demonstrates flashes of a brilliant future where we can move freely through countless virtual worlds. But…a week with the Rift showed me it still needs to dig itself out of some deep holes”.

The WSJ also said that though it is an impressive piece of engineering, The Rift “still just isn’t that good at convincing you you’re in an alternate reality.” And after you get past the excitement stage, rough edges start to show, as with most new technology. “Using the 1.5-pound headset is about as awkward as sleeping on an airplane,” states the Journal.

And if that isn’t enough, the package has a large cable that will trip you if you don’t pay enough attention. “You’re going to have a 12-foot cord following you as you move around,” states TechCrunch. “I found that the space for the nose in the viewport leaked quite a bit of light in,” TechCrunch stated. This takes away from the feeling of being fully in the world of virtual reality.


And there are other things that will also undermine your virtual reality experience. “The biggest problem is that it’s impossible to tell where that space ends until you step outside it, causing a sickening jerk as the world stops responding to your motion,” The Verge review stated.

The cost will be another large hurdle for customers. The largest majority of laptops and PCs are not prepared for running this type of equipment, and a bundle that includes a Rift and an Oculus Ready PC begins at $1,499.

Once you get all the necessary hardware, TechCrunch says “the actual setup is really a breeze.” So, all the reviews aren’t criticizing.

According to TechCrunch “A pair of Wii Nunchuk-style positionally-tracked controllers,” is one of the best parts of the Rift gaming experience. It describes them as the “most ergonomic and intuitive of any input devices I’ve seen thus far.” There is a “promising future game catalog with Touch controllers” states The Verge.

But the controllers won’t come out until later this year, so even this benefit has its own downside.

And, you should know, Rift will not be limited to just gaming. Battlefield, tourism, and space exploration will more than likely come forward as desired applications. The world of medicine and more exciting things are also ventures for virtual reality.  At this point the future seems limitless with virtual reality.


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