Paul McCartney to Introduce Six-Part VR Documentary Series

Paul McCartney Brings Fans into His World Through Virtual Reality

Paul McCartney Six-Part VR Documentary Series

Paul McCartney is about to introduce a new retrospective album that would enable fans to travel into his world by way of virtual reality through a six-part series of VR experiences created to support the release of Pure McCartney, the singer’s fourth compilation album that surveys his career as a solo artist and as a Wings member.

What to Expect from Paul McCartney’s VR Project

The Beatles guitarist has joined hands with VR producer-publisher Jaunt to build the segments of the documentary series that let fans explore his songs on the compilation album in a more immersive way and in a 360-degree video format.

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Paul McCartney's VR Project

“Filmed in his private home studio, each experience allows fans to embark on a personal journey with Paul as he recounts memories and anecdotes while sharing archived and never before seen footage,” a statement says. “Paul is walking people through how these songs came to be and some of the emotions and personal experiences that led to the creation of the songs and the original music videos associated with them.”

“These ‘Pure McCartney’ virtual reality segments blend high-resolution video content with “digitally remastered and spatially oriented ambisonic audio mixed in Dolby Atmos,” the statement added. “This will be accessible with the Jaunt VR app, which will be available in iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Desktop 360 formats.

“We used to see artists connect with their fans through album covers and liner notes, but that personal expression and deeper understanding of the music has diminished over the years,” Jaunt Studios’ president, Cliff Plumer, says in the statement. “With virtual reality, Paul McCartney is taking the most innovative step yet; he’s connecting directly with his fans, to share his innermost thoughts and experiences, in an entirely new, personal, and immersive way.”

Right since the beginning of his career, McCartney has always been involved in forward-thinking visual arenas for music, most notably with the Beatles’ career-changing performances on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964, their first feature film, A Hard Day’s Night, and the experimental music film Magical Mystery Tour that he largely directed.

Paul McCartney

To think of it, even a project for which the Beatles simply gave their approval, the 1968 Yellow Submarine movie, got to become a groundbreaking example of the evolving art of film animation.

VR Advantage for Artists

With virtual reality, artists get to connect with their fans through a more immersive experience than album covers and liner notes. With virtual reality, Paul McCartney is taking the most innovative step yet; he is connecting directly with his fans, to share his personal thoughts and experiences, in a brand new, personal and immersive way like never before.

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