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Some People May Be Disappointed with Lack of VR Content

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It’s pretty clear to anyone following virtual reality, that while it’s very cool and there are some awesome experiences available, there’s still not many VR games out yet. When people purchase their new VR headsets, they may be frustrated to realize that there aren’t that many games yet available. That will change over time and PlayStation VR (that’s coming this upcoming Fall) should have a part in adding lots of content.


VR Content Isn’t Being Created in Droves

If you just spent a bunch of money on a new VR headset, it makes sense that you would be frustrated to find out after that there aren’t lots of games to experience. 

Werner Herzog, a German film director, said to the New York Times, “We have a technology, but we don’t have any clear idea how to fill it with content.” 

Many developers are hesitant to create VR games as it costs too much money unless of course they’re a big company like Oculus for example. And the sales numbers at Oculus even supposedly aren’t that great yet which could also be a reason why they’re not creating lots of new VR content yet.

 Northway Games’ Sarah Northway, said, “might not recoup [their] dev costs if VR flopped or room-scale turned out to be a pipe dream.”


Companies Have Differing Views

Of course, there are differing views though. Fire Panda Studio (VR developer)’s Nick Pittom, said, “VR development is one of those places where, even with games out, even with actual products, it doesn’t actually make any money.”

 Even though it’s clear to many that virtual reality really is going to be huge, as of now, there’s not tons of money to be generated through VR games and that may also be a part of the reason that many of the gaming companies that have created VR projects are creating “experiential storytelling” as they’re able to receive investments from the film sector.


Most of the resurgence of virtual reality has come from the real desire to experience different worlds.

 The developer of Darknet (Oculus Rift game), E. McNeill, said, “There was definitely a ‘Summer of Love’ era, where everyone made grand gestures toward openness and love for the whole VR ecosystem.” He added, “It was never in much doubt whether big commercial games would arrive. The question was when, and just how cool it would be.”

Time will tell what’s going to happen, but most likely over time more headsets will be sold and more developers will create new VR games once the right number of people actually have VR headsets.

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