Pico Neo: New and Better Virtual Reality Headset

Pico Neo VR Headset With Its SD 820 SoC

Most virtual reality (VR) head mounted displays are run by either of two operating methods: a high end mobile device or a high end personal computer or game console. With the all new Pico Neo headsets, you don’t need either of these anymore.

pico neo dk

This Pico Neo is going to be the world’s first all in one VR HMD and it will be launched by a Chinese hardware supplier. The device will come with an industry-fitted gamepad which will have everything on board like the CPU, RAM, storage, battery and other components that are needed to power the entire kit.

The future of virtual reality is still quite uncertain and nobody can categorically say where the industry is headed. Companies like Oculus, HTC and Valve are directing their energy towards system based and powerful gaming PCs. Sony will make its PlayStation 4 a standardized base for PSVR. Samsung will require you to insert its flagship phone directly in front of your eyes. The Chinese company Pico has come up with a new and innovative idea to create an all in one system that gives you a similar experience as the Oculus like headsets.


Pico Neo Features

The Pico Neo also comes in handy with impressive specifications like its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of LP DR4 RAM, and 32GB storage space with option for external storage of up to 128GB. The HMD operates at a refresh rate of 90Hz and it can generate 1080p images on a 3.81-inch AMOLED display. Some of its other features include aspheric lenses which offer 102 degrees FOV and adjustment controls to help with 0-800 level myopia.

For the tracking kit and beacon there are optional add-ons as analogs which seem to be a straight imitation of Sony’s PlayStation camera and move controllers. It is still not clear where the user can stash the controller with the processing power in built while holding onto them.


The Pico Neo sports a 5000mAh battery and this is a major advantage over the popular Vive and Oculus brands. With this monster battery you can get up to 3 hours of gaming or video playback and you can quickly charge up the batteries after use with the quick charge 3.0 charger.

Pico Neo Virtual Reality Headset

The Pico Neo probably won’t get as much support as it should but based on Android 6.0, you can expect a good number of games to play. It is still unclear if the head tracking or controller support will need any additional coding from the developers. The guys at Pico have said you can just plug in the Pico to any PC and play more games. This, however, kind of negates the whole selling point of the Pico Neo to begin with.


Everything sounds so great thus far but a look at the controller and how simplistic it looks makes you wonder. It offers a SNES-like layout with a D-pad and four action buttons alongside. Pico has included some more flexibility with the super successful back touch feature from the Vita but their decision to leave out analog thumb sticks is quite odd given the 3D nature of Virtual reality experiences.


The headset also features a wireless LAN and a Bluetooth 4.1 capability. It is also worthy of note that you can detach it from the control and connect it to some high end computer directly. But we still don’t know for sure if it could be incorporated into the SteamVR ecosystem.

Pico Neo is set to launch in June at a price of $550 with the controller as well.

Watch the video below



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