PlayStation Neo : Possible Early Release Than PlayStation VR

PlayStation Neo Could Get Early Release Ahead of PlayStation VR

Rumors have flown and run wild from various sources about the PlayStation Neo and when it would be released. Some other reports are already springing up that the PS Neo will be launched before the PlayStation VR.

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There has been a long trail of information through several sources that supposedly claim that the PlayStation Neo will be released at a time to fall within Sony’s first fiscal quarter. This invariably means that its arrival isn’t supposed to exceed September 2016. That would put the device available for sales in retail a month before the PlayStation VR will fly into the market.

The PlayStation VR has been scheduled to be released for launching in October 2016 and expectations abound around it to move with a range of products. About 50 games will move with the PlayStation VR within its first quarter on the retail market.

Domination of PlayStation Neo

The PlayStation Neo is expected to pave the way for a more powerful result from the PS4, giving a guarantee that games will always run 1080p and 60fps. The rumors flying around indicate that a “Neo Mode” will be present which will allow developers increase the quality on their PS4K Neo but all games will be compatible with the standard PS4.

The “Neo Mode” will be made possible due to the higher CPU clock speed of the PlayStation Neo and an advanced GPU in AMD’s signature series.

The same architecture of the base PS4 will be utilized in making the upgrades and as far as compatibility and ease of use is concerned, nothing will really change, thereby, making it easier for developers as well as keeping old PS4 titles workable with the new PlayStation Neo.

These rumors also pointed out that the PlayStation console will be designed to give substance to the PlayStation VR. VR headsets need a lot of power for processing and the present remaking of the PS VR is pushing the PS4 to its limits. The PlayStation Neo would supposedly give the headset a little bit more allowance and freedom in how it runs Virtual reality software.

Another rumor is that the new PlayStation Neo will pave way for 4K resolutions but most technical experts have played down the possibility of this rumor because of the costs involved to make a home console generate the amount of power required to output games naturally at 4K.


Instead, rumors have it that the 4K moniker refers to video media and photos, with the option to upscale games to a 4K monitor or television. With an increase in its APU, the PS4 Neo will not be able to play games above 2k. The 4K idea would be very well a loft ambition.

A large portion of the community appears to be not so willing to embrace the PlayStation Neo and Sony’s intended price for the gadget. Everyone has put all their hopes on when the E3 rolls out this June, then we’ll know how much of the rumors are true.

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