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PlayStation Takes Virtual Gaming To Another Level

Virtual Reality headset for the PlayStation 4

Meet PlayStation VR, the up and coming virtual reality stage intended to convey energizing and imaginative gaming encounters to PlayStation®

Propelled Show

PlayStation VR consolidates a scene checking, full-HD LCD 1080p presentation and an exceptionally created optical unit with an inexact 100 degree field of perspective to make a tremendous 3D space before your eyes.

Works for PlayStation

PlayStation VR permits you to encounter the eventual Doom of gaming through virtual reality with simply the visor, your PlayStation®4 and the PlayStation®Camera.

360 Degrees of Sound

Using technology produced for the stage, PlayStation VR conveys a profoundly immersive sound experience, placing you amidst the world with sound that originates from any heading in a 360-degree circle.
playstation vr

Modern Configuration

PlayStation VR highlights a visor-style plan, built to be adjusted and agreeable for amplified use. Its double joined shape likewise changes with fit easily around different head sizes and over glasses.

Development and Position Following

The visor’s high-affectability accelerometer and whirligig keep running at a recurrence of 1000Hz, permitting PlayStation VR to identify your head’s development with no inertness. At the point when utilized with a PlayStation®Camera, your head’s development, and the development of controller can be followed and reflected in the diversion’s pictures progressively.

Multiplayer Gaming

Different PlayStation VR units associated with PS4 frameworks can be arranged to play in the same virtual world. Furthermore, PlayStation VR can likewise show what you’re taking a gander at as a 2D picture on your television screen, permitting others to take an interest.

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