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PlayStation VR: The 9 Basic Facts About It

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Here are some basic facts about the PlayStation VR.

– Every PS4 game can be played a troupe: It puts the player in a different environment where he or she is able to experience a 3 dimensional feeling while the game is playing on a huge display.

– It needs the PS motion cameras and controllers to work: One of them is used as a commander for the PS VR. And also the cameras.

– The cost and when it will be announced: The price will be cheaper and most customers will have the chance to have it this coming October 2016.

– The announcement program: Though announcements are usually limited because of the softwares and hardware to be used, Sony has said that they will be releasing 50 games in a period of two months.

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– Only one PS VR can be used- a couple of them can’t work: a single PS4 can only accommodate one VR headset. So if you are planning to have a couple of people in a game, only a single person will have the ability to use the headset.

– It has cables and needs a regular power boost: A lot of time and money would be spent creating a wireless device and so the developers have made a gadget that will require you to have a lot of space so you can operate it.

– Doesn’t blind you totally: One shouldn’t expect to get a totally different experience when they wear PS4 VR. However, other headsets may provide a complete control of your vision, but blindness should be expected with them at points.

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– It’s possible to view films in the troupe and you will be able to experience a 3 dimensional effect: Since PS4 works with the dashboards present, even though it doesn’t control motion, or going through the PlayStation store. It has a feature that takes care of 3D outsource for games and blue ray.

– Is it hazardous? Despite it having the ability to strain the eyes, all the other effects are for a short period of time, so there is nothing serious known to worry about.

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