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PlayStation VR: 9 Facts You Need to Know

PlayStation VR is Sony’s first raid into virtual reality following its numerous high-end, and absurdly expensive, 3D viewers. Sony has been working on PlayStation Virtual Reality for some years now, honing its PlayStation Move technology to act as a tracking process for a VR headset. Now, years after its initial models Sony is getting set to introduce its headset later this year together with a slew of new games and perhaps a more powerful PS4.5.

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Below are some reasons why you need to pay more attention to this VR headset over the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

1) PlayStation Virtual Reality will release in October 2016.
Sony revealed during the San Francisco Game Developers Conference that PlayStation VR would have a global release date of October. The exact date is still unclear but we can hope to hear that at this year’s E3 in June.

2) PlayStation Virtual Reality will cost $400
Sony made public that PlayStation VR will cost $400 on launch, placing it squarely within its initial claims that it would price the unit as “a new gaming platform”.

This puts exactly the same amount the PlayStation 4 was on launch in 2013. If a PS4.5 launches also in October, you could probably get a new PS4 and PlayStation VR for the exact amount as a HTC Vive headset.

3) PlayStation VR could come to PC.
While PlayStation VR will come to PS4, and perhaps PS4.5 on launch, Sony’s vice president Masayasu Ito hasn’t excluded bringing it to the PC at a later date.

4) PlayStation Virtual Reality will launch with 50 titles.
Sony has stated that it’s working with over 230 developers globally to bring titles to PlayStation VR. It is, however, difficult to believe they will all be big blockbuster release but having 50 titles to choose from on release is usually pleasant.

5) PlayStation Virtual Reality looks like it comes from the future.
It really looks like what you’d hope a VR headset of the future to look like, sporting a black, curved visor, LED-illuminated positional trackers, and a unique headband to improve user comfort. It puts both Oculus Rift’s sleek black exterior and HTC Vive’s pock-marked unit to humiliation.


6) PlayStation Virtual Reality is the least high-spec of the 3 main VR headsets.
The lower hardware specification of Sony’s device is part reason it is much cheaper than other VR headsets. It features twin full HD 1080p OLED displays i.e., 960 x 1080-pixels per eye and a field of view of 90-degrees as opposed to the Vive and Rift’s 1080 x 1200-pixels per eye resolution and the 100-degrees in HTC and Oculus’ devices. However, it has the highest refresh rate of 120 Hz.

7) PlayStation VR no longer features bone-conduction headphones.
Bone-conduction headphones have been removed in favor of standard earbuds or headphones.

8)PlayStation VR’s breakout box doesn’t give the PS4 a power boost.
The PlayStation VR’s little box does not make it work on a PS4. It just helps untangle the VR image so it can show on your TV as normal and modify audio to work with VR environments.

9) PlayStation Move is being revived for PlayStation Virtual Reality.
Sony’s PlayStation Move is coming back with PlayStation VR.

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