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PlayStation VR is going on Tour


Virtual reality is entering into full gear within the tech industry and the major tech industries like Sony, Samsung, Google and Facebook are already making enormous investments into this technology. As popular as the technology might seem to you, it is still nowhere near what it should be. So many people are still very much unaware or at least partially aware of this technology and it will take continuous drives at marketing and media campaigns to make this happen. This is what Sony is currently trying to do with it latest campaign.


Sony is embarking on a Road Tour

Sony is now driving a 16-wheeler across the country in a bid to promote its PlayStation virtual reality brand. It made the announcement this week that it will be embarking on a road trip tagged the “Road to Greatness” and this will be a tour for 2016. This tour will make several stops in places where it will get the most reception. Some of these stops will be at festivals and conventions across the United States. The tour will make a different stop at a different city weekly all through November.


The primary focus of this tour is on the PlayStation VR headset. In addition to a recent blog post from Sony, they said the tour will have “a number” of different PlayStation virtual reality games available in the truck. It is still not clear which games will be available at this time. Only a few dozen people will be granted access to the PlayStation VR on any given day but if you want priority access, all you need to do is send a tweet to @HeyPlayStation indicating your interest and show this tweet to any of the staffers on the truck when you see them.


During the tour, people who stop by the truck can get PlayStation shirts, hats, sunglasses and other paraphernalia that are exclusively available on the truck.


They will also be distributing Road to Greatness Collectible cards and fans can engage in local multiplayer competitions with the title “King of the Couch”. Winners will get to go home with prize items like PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation swag.

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The Road to Greatness

The Road to Greatness truck will bear a resemblance to transformers as it will be shape shifting at various times. It will also allow attendees check out the cloud based streaming service by PlayStation and also give them access to PlayStation games like Uncharted, Hitman, Ratchet and Clank amongst many others which will be playable in the truck fitted with 17 systems.


If you wish to be a part of this tour, the truck will make its first stop at the Beale Street music festival in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend. Other stops will include the Summerfest, the Utah Air Show and also the game stop Expo. For more information on all the announced dates and schedules, you can find them here at the Road to Greatness website. The dates are listed as “TBA”

Watch the video below



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