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Popular Game – ‘Sword Art Online’ Is Not Getting A New Virtual Reality Game

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a series about a futuristic virtual reality game where its players aren’t able to leave, they have to fight the game’s creator in order to escape. The game has been very successful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they will be creating a full on virtual reality version of the game.

IBM said at one point that they were teaming up with multiple license holders for Sword Art Online so that they could create a full virtual reality version. However, that turned out to just be a marketing stunt to promote IBM’s new SoftLayer cloud system.So that the news that has been teaming up with all the various license holders for Sword Art Online so that you can produce a full blown virtual reality on-line version was both long overdue and amazing.

The frustrating thing here is the fact that making a game like SAO is largely doable with current technology.

But if you’re in Tokyo and interested in seeing what IBM has cooked up subsequently between March 18th and 20th you are able to experience a 20 minute “alpha software” demo with 208 other players.

Maybe Sony will step in and get Bandai Namco to create a brand new SAO game.

In the interim, SAO: False Understanding is coming out later this season on Vita and PS4 and as you may or may not know, Sword Art Online: Lost Song was already released internationally last year on PS4 and Vita; online multiplayer had been restricted by the latter.


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