Portable VR Takes Users to an Immersive Trip to Pluto

Portable VR Takes You on a Tour to Pluto

VR Tour to Pluto

In case you are unaware, fasten your seat belt and get your Google Cardboards ready, because it’s time to take a 3D direct trip to Pluto.

Portable VR Makes Trip to Pluto Povssible

In the new 7-minute Pluto tour, which was narrated by the science writer Dennis Overbye of the New York Times, viewer can have an immersive tour around Pluto via virtual reality. The app is available for download courtesy of the Times and can be viewed through a Google Cardboard headset or on a plain smartphone screen for those who are yet to purchase one.

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Trip to Pluto

Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart

The narration, which was tagged Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart, takes the viewers through the arrival of the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto last July before placing them down on the surface and pointing out many alien geographic features on the amazingly complex body. Of course, it is possible to look around 360 degrees to see the full scope of the dwarf planet, its largest moon, Charon, and the far-off shining of the sun.

Interested viewers can download the New York Times VR app on their website (there are options for both Android and iOS) to see the breathtaking 3D Pluto views. It is also possible to see the modified version via a computer browser, if you found that preferable.



In order to create an entirely new experience, the vivid 3D view, which is so different from the few pixels that have been available before the New Horizons approach, was put together for the film from the New Horizons data, with help from the duo of Universities Space Research Association’s Lunar and Planetary Institute in Texas. As it is now, only about half of the images and measurements have been beamed back to the earth from the spacecraft so far; new data will be coming in October, and many scientists will be working hard day and night analyzing it for a long time afterward.

Free Google Cardboard Incentives

In an effort to prepare the mind of interested fans, the Times sent free Cardboards to all of its print subscribers last November and also plan to send them to select online subscribers as well. Google, on the other hand, also offers Cardboards for sale online and additional instructions for people who might wish to build their own (even out of a pizza box).

Virtual Reality Headset

Now that you know, come on board, fasten your seat belt, and get your Google Cardboards ready, and prepare for the best 3D direct trip to Pluto.

Indeed, in the world of VR, anything is possible and every possibility is fun.

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