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A Powerful Combo of Drones and Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is a continuously growing field of technology which has found applications in so many diverse areas. It has a tremendous future and it points to an ever increasing need for 3D content filmed in 360 degrees for cinematography, tourism, advertising, sports, gaming, design and architecture, construction, real estate and so much more. Several tech giants like Samsung and Facebook have been carrying out research to better develop their virtual reality programs and they are continuously pushing for better and better virtual reality technology.

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To fully exploit the advantages and potentials of this new technology, the R&D division of Drone Volt has integrated the very best of its technologies to develop the JANUS 360. This innovative drone is capable of capturing spectacular aerial images in virtual reality playback systems, goggles or helmet.

JANUS 360 and Its Immersive 3D Experience

Drone Volt, the French leader in professional drones is changing the world of photography and cinematography as we know it with the JANUS 360 drone and the applications of this amazing tech equipment is very many. It is difficult to say exactly in how many ways it will be applied for use as it really depends on the creativity and imagination of the end user.

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This camera from Drone Volt is a legit flying camera and it is designed specifically to produce video content for virtual reality. More or less a quadcopter, it is equipped with ten 4K cameras which are spread evenly across 2 heads for capturing the multimedia content which once combined together provides an immersive 3D experience for virtual tours and 360 degree videos.


The JANUS 360 is pretty impressive with its specs and with its 30fps and 15 minute flight time coupled with the 150 GB of images it is capable of capturing in flight it really stands out in a league of its own. It is also capable of taking high definition videos which can be live streamed. The applications for this piece f technology are really wide, from virtual reality tours, to architecture and so on. Very elaborate panorama shots and spherical 360 degree videos can also be taken by stitching together various content from the JANUS 360 camera.

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About Drone Volt

Drone Volt was founded in 2011 and established in countries like France, Canada, Denmark, the United States and Switzerland. They specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of civilian drones for professional use. As a full partner, the company offers solutions for its customers for very important tasks and applications which includes product servicing and pilot training. This young and vibrant firm recorded 3.7 million euros in revenue in 2015 and is the front runner in the European broadcasting and service drone industry. It also provides the administration and the execution of aerial photography and videography. Some of its customers include companies like CERN, FRANCE TELEVISIONS, the Police station of the AIR Transport (GTA), SPIE, FREEWAY PROD, and TF1 amongst many others. This company is a qualified Innovative enterprise.

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They are committed to their virtual reality drone program and it is most likely that they aren’t relenting in their efforts at improving on what they already have.

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