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How To Prepare Your Device For Virtual Reality

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The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sonys’ PlayStation VR are some of the most amazing gadgets one can posses this year. However, they only work with machines that have a huge capacity to fully make it possible for the VR to work. Since VR requires an excellent graphic card and increased computational capacity needed for rendering the content, not all laptops have the ability to make VR work. Razer is helping to solve this. It lets one purchase a quality GPU that’s able to accommodate all the graphics when using a laptop.


The Razer Core goes for less than 500 dollars, but it doesn’t have GPU and the price changes when one buys a Blade or the Blade Sleath laptop since they are the only machines that can operate well with it.

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It uses a universal serial USB port so as it can connect to the machine and a code to exchange information. The Razer Core also has a large Ethernet port and 4 universal serial USB 3.0 points.

Talking about quality graphic cards, one should mention AMD Radeon pro dual- GPU. It has two Radeon f9 Fury X GPUs. It comes with a big memory and this is what VR needs more of.


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