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President Obama and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel Experience VR

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President Obama and Chancellor Merkel went to the IFM electronic exhibit this past Monday in Germany at the Hannover Messe 2016. Hannover Messe is the biggest industrial trade fair in the world as it features over 5,000 companies hailing from 70 different countries. The companies show off the most up to date industrial technologies.


IFM Electronics Welcomed the Leaders

IFM Electronic is the leading global manufacturer of controls and sensors. The CEO of IFM Electronic is Michael Marhofer. Mr. Marhofer welcomed President Obama and Chancellor Merkel as he spoke about what IFM does to help create products and solutions that make a serious impact throughout the industrial revolution. IFM’s creations help to enable major customizing of products by using a high quality serious automation system that also enables lower costs to produce different innovations.

PMD Technologies is IFM Electronics’ sister company. Bernd Buxbaum, a member of PMD Technologies showed President Obama and Chancellor Merkel a 3D VR camera to show them how IFM’s 3D Smart Sensor allows the automated machines to view environments in 3D while viewing from a normal person point of view. They also showed how this can affect the industrial automation as well as robots.


President Obama Tried VR

After President Obama looked into the VR camera, he seemed very intrigued. Chancellor Merkel seemed intrigued too as she said, “It’s a brave new world.”

Another person who greeted the world leaders was Roger Varma, the CEO of IFM Efector USA, a subsidiary of IFM Electronics. Their headquarters in the United States is in Malvern, Pennsylvania and they have sales reps all across the United States.

The technology that was shown to President Obama is also utilized in IFM’s O3D Smart Sensor that enables industrial automation applications. The O3D Smart Sensur uses a PMD Time of Flight Imager which obtains the distance of 23,232 points. The data points are utilized to make complex applications more simple for robots, packaging and handing materials.


The O3D Smart Sensor comes with 2 “pre built” applications; those are Box Dimensioning and Case Completeness.

The Case Completeness application is created to confirm that a case has all of the products it needs and that the products are properly secured so that in turn helps to get rid of the possibility of damaged inventory or short shipments.

It’s not affected by ambient lighting or color which helps it to detect different packaging varieties and the O3D Smart Sensor is able to be altered for different packaging initiatives.


The Box Dimensioning systems enable a higher level of efficiency as they help distribution centers to use their storage space in a better way. However, the IFM 3D Smart Sensor can be costly, although it’s created in 5 minutes or less and is extremely accurate.


The O3D Smart Sensor can be purchased for $1,250.

Watch the video below



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