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President of Virtual Reality Unveils Plans to Create 3 Million Jobs with the Virtual Public Transport IPO


The first president of virtual reality Jon Neverdie Jacobs unveiled his plans recently to create job openings in virtual reality through the privatization and monetization of the public transport system. This innovative and powerful plan is poised to disrupt the video games business model by changing a lot of the status quo. First of all, it will introduce a “conscription rather than a subscription plan to attract new gamers to Entropia Universe.

Transportation via teleportation is currently a free service by game developers and this will be privatized with ownership passed to the hands of the public through initial public offers and shares. The funds generated from this will be used to create jobs by building infrastructure across virtual worlds and VR platforms.

Free public transport is used almost a million times per month in the Entropia Universe and the president plans to generate around $1 billion to interconnect new worlds and platforms across the public transport system With the help of plug ins for games and worlds developed on a variety of other graphic engines. This new and innovative initiative will grow the market to an annual revenue of $1.2 billion by 2020 and this will be driven largely by the demand for gamified VR jobs.

Jon Neverdie Jacobs

Virtual Reality President: Excited for United VR Platforms

“I’m excited to kick off my Presidency with these top priorities to unite all VR platforms and change forever the idea that you must pay to play a video game,” said Jon Neverdie Jacobs. “From this time forward people will ask themselves, what do I get out of it? What’s my time worth? How much can I earn playing this game? The revenue from the VR public transport system can not only produce profits for investors and revenue for developers, but it will also be used to pay a $2.50 per hour minimum wage and $5 per hour skilled labor wage to those employed through gamification.


“In my effort to combat Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics that threaten global job security, I’m creating an economy that will offer employment opportunities available to a wider group of people. My vision is to build upon formulas already proven in the Entropia Universe and create 3.6 million sustainable jobs by 2030 supported by the public transport system alone. Gamers must no longer be treated like addicts, slaving to line the pockets of video game developers. We have the systems today to give gamers value for their time and we will see games become as rich and powerful as nations as a result!”

Virtual Reality President

The virtual reality public initial offering will be followed by the unveiling of the Stock exchange App which will speed up trades in shares and investment into future VR companies that will ultimately create more jobs and boost employment an minimum wage opportunities for users of VR.

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