Quanta Partners Up with ImmerVision to Make VR Camera for Smartphones

Quanta Manufactures New VR Camera

Quanta VR Technology

Quanta Computer Inc. has promised computer and smartphone users all over the world a big treat as the company has succeeded in creating some new and advanced technology that adopts the concept of virtual reality. The technology so manufactured, which also happens to be the latest virtual reality camera released by Quanta, is expected to start shipping soon according to the company itself. This VR camera would give users of smartphones a better video and image experience as it is capable of capturing 360-degree footage in high definition.

What We Know So Far About Quanta’s New VR Camera

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ImmerVision, a Montreal-based company that specializes in using and making 360 degree optics technology, partnered up with Quanta on this, and together, they made a public demonstration of the new virtual camera before the final showcase at the Computex trade fair. This camera was built in a round shape specification.

A senior engineer at ImmerVision shared that although it is no news that VR headsets are making waves and dominating headlines of late, they believe that 360-degree content will be one of the most significant factors to drive the virtual reality industry.



The camera from ImmerVision has been made to be user-friendly, it has a magnetic back and can be attached to a mobile device as a clip-on. The camera is also very innovative as it can be used to capture sporting events such as biking. To do this, one would just need to attach the camera to a bike and it should work from there. The benefits of this new camera do not stop there; it also makes it possible for users to take selfies in either 180 degrees or 360 degrees while also allowing them to use it as part of the entire home surveillance system.

Quanta, one of the companies behind this new camera, was asked whether it is possible for the device to already be in the market by half of the year. The company said it is entirely possible.

“We are fine tuning (our business strategies). We hope to collect some feedback at Computex before shipping it,” Johnny Lee, senior manager at Quanta Inc., said.

The new product from Quanta and ImmerVision has received generally positive comments from trend observers, with the experts putting emphasis on the different applications that could be explored under this technology.

VR Technology

Lee, however, has said that Quanta is yet to draw up a business plan or model, saying that they would have to discuss with ImmerVision first to know whether they would be working on the cameras with other VR content developers and headset makers or just sell the camera as it is to consumers. Lee was equally unready to make comments on whether Quanta has a share advantage in ImmerVision or if they would like to hold a stake in the brand in the nearest future. It is worth noting that Quanta is the biggest notebook maker currently in the country right now.

Currently, Quanta is seeking to diversify by verging into cloud technology and fully embracing the Internet of things in the process.

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