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Quanta to Release Brand-New Virtual Reality Camera

Quanta's new VR camera

A brand-new virtual reality camera would be released by Quanta Computer this year. Quanta’s new VR camera is expected to be an advanced device capable of recording high-definition 360-degree videos and photos for smartphones.

Quanta, the country’s biggest notebook manufacturer, is partnering with ImmerVision, a company located in Montreal with considerable experience in 360-degree optics technology to produce the camera. A public demonstration of the camera was held in Taipei. Quanta’s new VR camera would also be demonstrated at the annual Computex trade show.

Everything We Know So Far About Quanta’s New VR Camera

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This new product would be released by Quanta in partnership with ImmerVision.

Although VR headsets have been dominating headlines lately, ImmerVision’s senior engineer Du Xiaojun told the Taipei Times that they “believe 360-degree content will be one of the important factors to drive [the VR industry].”

ImmerVision’s VR camera is user-friendly, as it has a magnetic back and can be used as a clip-on accessory to any mobile device. ImmerVision and Quanta’s new VR camera can also be used to capture sports activities such as biking by attaching it to a bicycle. Moreover, consumers can use it to take 180-degree or 360-degree selfies, or make it part of their home surveillance system.



When asked whether the VR camera would be released sometime in the second half of this year, Quanta said there is a good chance that it would happen.

“We are fine tuning [our business strategies]. We hope to collect some feedback at Computex before shipping it,” said Johnny Lee, a senior manager at Quanta.

Virtual reality is a major talking point in the technology world, and a lot of companies are hoping to take advantage of the VR buzz. Apart from the companies producing virtual reality headsets, there are a whole other lot of businesses that would benefit directly or indirectly from the impending virtual reality explosion. A lot of startups, component suppliers, and brand vendors are evaluating the chances of making profits with virtual reality applications.

Virtual Reality

Lee said that a business model has not been finalized, and Quanta and ImmerVision are still on the fence as to whether the VR camera would be sold directly to consumers or they would work with VR headset manufacturers and content developers to retail the camera.

Lee refused to comment on whether Quanta owns a share of ImmerVision or is planning to invest in it. Quanta has been making a lot of efforts to diversify and do more than producing notebook computers. They have been going into new endeavors such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Quanta has several customers in the IoT area.. . . It is not easy to see a significant revenue contribution yet, especially from VR devices, which are still new to the market,” an official from Quanta’s public relations division said in a telephone interview.

Quanta’s cloud computing division focuses majorly on data centers, and servers contributed about 30 percent to Quanta’s total revenue of NT$197.36 billion (US$6.04 billion) in the first quarter of the year.

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