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Have We Reached the End of the Smart Phone Revolution?



There is a growing sense from people among all of the giants that there may be an end to how far a smart phone can go. This is being caused by the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality and their potential ability to replace smartphones.

However, some could say that VR and AR could help the sale of smartphones as in the example of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. After testing VR with Google Cardboard there are many people who are not convinced about the use of virtual reality. VR is a great experience to try on smart phones, however this week Microsoft has released their holoportation device called HoloLens.


It’s very cool, but still in the early stages. Currently, it requires an outrageous amalgamation of cameras positioned throughout the room to achieve the desired result, as well as a specialized lighting arrangement, to say nothing of the specialized equipment alone. Nonetheless, as a test, it is incredibly amazing and one can easily imagine how it could change everything for conferences and chat as you’re kind of able to be somewhere with someone without really actually being there. In order for it to have the impact required, all cameras have to be removed and it also has to be contained in the cell phone alone. Even in this area there are options: One could predict multiple wrist worn drone cameras of the Nixie variety flying into the air and assembling in the proper locations to create the hologram, and this is no longer science fiction.


While Microsoft is obviously creating holoportation around its HoloLens platform, there’s little reason to think it couldn’t be adapted for virtual reality headsets of a kind similar to Oculus or a lens like with the Google Glass. This would make the concept of holoportation even more possible, permitting users to project their holograms into entirely different universes. Want to meet your friend on the top of the of the Tower of London for an afternoon tea? Put on your headset and you will be ready to go right away!

This is almost exactly the kind of change Mark Zuckerberg was thinking when he said virtual reality has the ability to fundamentally reshape how we communicate, and the reason Facebook, essentially a communications platform, acquired the VR company, Oculus. While Facebook has yet to release any technical ideas on a holoportation technology of its own, it’s hard to believe the company isn’t already working on it. In the interim, enjoy your voice calls as they are soon going to be the things of history.


Now that we live on the cutting edge of technology it is easy to see how there are things possible that have never been before. Just imagine being able to chat with anyone face to face when you want to.

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