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Are You Ready for VR and is VR Ready for You?

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Virtual reality gear is still very expensive and it isn’t wise to go all out in purchasing these devices if you are not sure if it’s for you or not. What rocks someone’s boat might do nothing for you. There are way cheaper alternatives to the popular brands like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which you can use to get a taste of the world of virtual reality.


Low Priced VR Headset.

You can buy an $11 knock off of the $15 Google Cardboard which is a pretty good headset on its own that uses your smartphone as its processing unit- brains, sensor and screen. With this $11, you will get a cardboard headset with a pair of embedded plastic lenses plus a Velcro cap with which you can fasten it to your face which is a little awkward for people so you might decide to hold it with your hands. This knockoff will resemble an old time plastic view-master stereoscopic viewer right down to its cardboard clicker button. Coincidentally the view-master makes a cheap VR headset that is made of red plastic just like the old view-master for $20 on This headset happens to be compatible with Google Cardboard.

Media Scale

There are also a few apps that are view-master branded which include national geographic wildlife, space and discovery underwater and plus destinations. These apps are all free to download by the way but that only gets you a short preview of the app. If you want the full version, you will have to pay $14.99 to unlock the actual contents which isn’t cheap to be fair.

Several makes and versions of the Google Cardboard-compatible VR headsets are actually available on that aren’t actually made of cardboard. They cost anywhere around $20.


Several Apps To Experience

For your first app, you might want to try the official free Google Cardboard app which shows you the basics of the it all, then you can go on to getting some other free cardboard-compatible apps from the App store. Some interesting ones to consider are VR Flight Simulator, Infinite Driver’s Seat VR, View-Master National Geographic Wildlife, VR Car Driving Simulator, Vrse, MazeVR and a host of others these apps and games are interesting but they look and feel more like demos than actual full versioned apps. The games are mostly simple and controlled by your head movements. Some of them are just fun to look at but not as fun to play. One such example is the Vanguard V.


With the relatively expendable $11 which you invested in VR, you get to go on a journey of experiments and every game you test you can gauge how excited or even nauseated you get and that way you can effectively conclude if you are ready for VR or not. Armed with this preview of what to expect you can go on to make a decision whether to shell out more money to purchase the main VR headsets or never to near one again.

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