Artists Used the App Tilt Brush in Virtual Reality To Paint - VR Life

Real Artists Use TiltBrush – See How They Did

Tilt Brush

The HTC Vive is officially in the public’s hands. The headset will continue to sell more throughout this year. The question now becomes – what will people actually be able to do with their HTC Vive VR headset?

An answer to that question is the app, Tilt Brush. It’s an app created by Google to enable users to be able to pain in virtual reality.

Google Cultural Institute in Paris has a lab. The lab decided to test how artists from all over the world would utilize Tilt Brush. They “tested” artists from the UK, the United States, Cuba, South Africa and Mexico.

The majority of the results were first attempts experimenting, however the results still show how powerful virtual reality is. The artists are signed up for a residency, so there’s probably more elaborate art to come in the near future. It’s pretty cool to see what they were already able to do though.

Watch the video below



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