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The Real Meaning of Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality creates a mesmerizing and realistic environment which is made possible through the computer generated software. The VR creates a real image of the image on your screen and the users react the same way they would do so in real if they were in the same situation.

The VR devices work the way it does by blocking the sensory input from outside. Then it uses the video and audio cues to create the real world for the player.

Playing VR games and the sound of it seems fun, but the making of these VR devices is a hard job. The whole VR system at start is far to believe hard hob.

However, the concept of VR is not new. It dates back to the 1930s.

The first VR machine was known as the ‘Sensorma’ which was invented by Morton Hellig in 1960.

The machine used a wraparound screen which when viewed with the binocular like device gave a 3D effect.
It was a great product and it has ever since inspired many. When the computer was finally made, filmmakers went a step forward and wanted to make a 3D environment.

Ray Bradbury’s science fiction story, ’The Veldt’, in 1950 is an example of one of the first writings showing an artificial world. It was just a short story, but mimicked the reality.

Then in the 1970s and 1980s, came the novel ‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson who explained the whole concept of VR.

Throughout the 1990s, Sega tried to introduce the VR headset, but it failed to come in the home markets and was not released except for being in some arcades.

US Department of Defense also wished to use the VR innovation for training its army. But this was not possible till now.

Now we have VR cameras as well as headsets by Sony, HTC, Samsung and others. The video and audio quality of VR devices in the 21st century are closer to reality and with great quality.

But one of the main problems now is nausea and the fight between mind and eyes because at one time you are living in 2 entirely different worlds.

VR is now very different and the player seems to be in direct contact with the layer but as game developer, Eric Gewirtz puts it, “They can do an invasion of personal space. That makes people uncomfortable.”

But the whole experience is way better than what we see through the normal 3D glasses.

Gewirtz further adds, “”There’s no real language for making interactive content in VR. No one knows how it’s like traditional cinema or games.”

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