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Reducing Vibration Technology from Nikon

Nikon's Vibration Reduction


Vibration reduction is a new kind of technology that’s formulated to reduce blur that results from a shaking camera. VR NIKKOR lens enhances images, when one is in a low light environment, in a windy situation or when using an oversize NIKKOR lens that works 4 times slower than a non VR lens. When a DX formatted lens is connected to a DX format D-SLR camera and zoom lens are set at the highest position.

Nikon VR is located in the lens not the image sensor which means that the machine works with the lens chosen.Images are formatted easily when one presses the shutter release button. In case the user wants to pan, it allows the use of a tripod. They also contain 2 angular sensors that record either pitch or yaw since the work hand in hand. This sensor sends information to a much smaller lens, which determines how the camera can reset and sends the message to a pair of voice coil motors that reshuffles it to a selected lens component which is able to minimize the movements.

Some of the main uses of a VR include; an ability to provide up to 4 hand regulated motion which enables it to produce clear and unique images. An added 2 stop VR can differentiate between a blurry image and a clear one.


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