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Review of Cyberpong VR: Simple and Sharp



Cyberpong VR is the first iteration of Brick Breaker for virtual reality. At developer studio, Colopl NL where this game was developed, it is suggested that it “takes the core experience of classic paddle ball games and brings it to life in an immersive and futuristic game world fully controlled by the player.” It indeed does that anyway.

Let’s get this fact straight anyway. This game does not in any way try to seem to be real unlike some games in VR which seems to try to bring you to a place where you feel like you’re literally standing in front of a dinosaur or on top of a real mountain. Cyberpong VR is not that. This is more like TRON.

Everything about this game works; From the Glowing lines to the neon tones and the grid.


You might have played something similar in the past on a touchscreen device as there a plenty similar games out there. In this game, however, you’ll be using two paddles to knock a ball – or a series of balls – in to a 3D grid where bricks will be broken.

While playing the game, you feel as though you’re holding the paddles which you actually, physically are since the only way to play the game at the moment is with the HTC Vive. Apart from breaking bricks while playing against a wall, you can also play Cyberpong VR with an opponent via the internet. They’ll be hitting the ball from their side of the court while you’ll be doing same from is not entirely different from a sci-fi version of racquetball or squash.

Plus the paddles, you get a sort of suction/blaster gun, a laser gun, and a missile launcher. Just the kind of things you have always wished to destroy bricks with. Certain types of bricks will give you energy and the energy gathered will be used to power these extra-powerful weapons of brick destruction. This is one of those games anybody can play because of its simplicity and it promises to give hours of fun and enjoyment. And if it’s some mental and psychological exercise you need, this game will definitely make you have some sweat time.

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