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Review of the Karbonn Mach Six VR

Mach Six VR

As the excitement gradually builds up in the world of virtual reality gaming, Indian gamers are definitely not left out and are enthusiastic about joining the burgeoning industry, which is expected to be worth $120 billion dollars worldwide by the year 2020. Joining the late of newly developed vrtual reality products is the Mach Six VR.

The Karbonn Mach Six valued at Rs. 7,490 (Us$112) is developed by Karbonn Mobiles, a domestic smartphone manufacturer. This virtual reality headset comes with Karbonn’s Quattro L52 Android-powered smartphone, which is priced at $127.

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What Edge Does the Mach Six VR Have?

The question on everybody’s lips is, could this device be worthy opponent to its arch rival tech giant Samsung’s Gear VR powered by Oculus which costs about $123? To help us get some reasonable answers, the following are its competitive features.

What works for the device?

The Karbonn Mach Six VR headset features a squarish figure unlike Samsung’s rather curved rectangular shape.

The Mach Six VR device comes with some amount stuffing on the face region and forehead. It also has large nose support, making the use of the headset so much more fun and comfy. Furthermore, the gadget pack comes with a back cover and screen guard for the Karbonn Quattro L52 smartphone.

As regards the smartphone, the device features two videos and two built-in games. While the games are not as graphically impressive as one would imagine, especially for a new user, they will play better when a bigger and more advanced virtual reality set is used.



One can begin with the videos, which are actually 360-degree ones, to be precise. The default videos are very much different from those available for download online. Majority of the Mach Six users have reported a nausea- and/or headache-free experience even after more than an hour of use. However, some have reported motion sickness while using the device, which means the effects vary from user to user.

The Mach Six VR headset comes with two pre-installed games: Deep Space VR and Lamper VR First Flight and also some factory-installed apps that enable users to produce their own virtual reality videos.

What doesn’t work?

Now a bit about the downsides of the device. As regards its design, the Mach Six VR loses much ground. It is made of plastic without much padding on the sides, and this may instigate itching on the forehead and temple area, particularly with prolonged usage. A more advanced fiber stuffing would be a better choice for body design and peeling off would be a very little price to pay for a comfortable gameplay.


Some analysts say that Karbonn VR could improve their chances if they could include a few more pre-installed games and high-definition videos especially as a lot more competitors are set to join the tussle. Also, you can’t use the VR device while wearing spectacles, which is not the case with the Samsung Gear VR.

As a beginner, trying the Karbonn Mach Six VR for VR experience will give you a fundamental sense of what the world of virtual reality technology will look like in the very imminent future.

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