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A Review Of Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Starts Here

Samsung VR gear

Never mind Sony’s PlayStation VR, here is an exciting product: the Samsung Gear VR.

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Virtual Reality will be a large growing industry in 2016. Sony’s PlayStation VR and HTC’s Vive are now producing a great amount of excitement. The organization to a great extent leading the way as for generating enthusiasm for the idea is Facebook’s Oculus, whose Oculus Rift headset has experienced a few modifications since being crowdfunded by means of Kickstarter in 2012. Oculus additionally collaborated with Samsung to make a downsized variant of its item named Gear VR, and this could possibly be the gadget which truly pushes the innovation to the mass market.

This position may bring about genuine VR fans to jeer, however Oculus staff member John Carmack (yes, the same John Carmack who helped to establish id Software, the studio behind Doom and Quake) feels that Gear VR – when twinned with encounters like the forthcoming port of Minecraft – could be VR’s most solid option at persuading standard purchasers to put on a headset and surrender all feeling of self-regard. His point is that genuine VR should be absolutely remote – something that Oculus Rift, PSVR and Vive at present don’t offer – so you can move about without agonizing over stumbling over wires you can’t see. The exchange off with Gear VR is that you’re not utilizing a PC to run the product, but a smart phone which you can fit in your pocket. Is the compromise worth it? Let’s have a look.

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A Review of Samsung’s Gear VR Hardware

When you take the Gear VR out of its box, you’ll most likely be astounded at how light it is – even with a phone put in. It’s not cumbersome at all. The headset has a clear cover which pops off to uncover the dock for your Galaxy handset (support at present is only available to the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge), while around the sides you’ll discover a focus adjuster, volume rocker and “back” button as well as a Micro USB charging port. Two elastic straps are utilized to secure the gadget to your head, and these attach with velcro, making them simple to change in accordance to help you get a cozy fit.

Samsung Gear VR unboxing

On the right-hand side of the unit there’s a directional touch cushion which is your primary input tool while using the headset. Numerous applications permit you to make choices by moving a cursor with your head. The touchpad takes a considerable amount of getting used to in light of the fact that there’s little response and it’s simple to swipe in the wrong way and have a swipe mixed up when you tap. Thankfully, Bluetooth is incorporated so you can bring in a controller and utilize that to explore on the off chance that you discover the touchpad is loose.

Sound is channeled through your phone’s speaker so you’ll need earphones – there’s a 3.5mm earphone attachment available at all times. The Micro USB port we talked about earlier, is utilized to charge the telephone – the Gear VR needn’t bother with its own energy source as it essentially utilizes your phones. Games which require both phone power and a USB connection are shown in the direction manual, yet they don’t appear to be any cases accessible so far.

Inside the Gear VR, there’s a custom inertial measurement unit (IMU) which helps in regards to rotational tracking. This extra bit of unit makes the headset highly accurate with regards to following your head movements, and this is one of the multiple reasons why the Gear VR is a much higher end product/experience than that of competitors such as Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard just uses sensors that are on your cell phone already, since they weren’t designed specifically for VR, it makes sense that Google Cardboard isn’t anywhere near the quality experience you receive with the Gear VR.

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A Review of Samsung VR Software

The Gear VR needs the Oculus application to work, so it’s important that you install the Oculus app before you connect the handset and Gear VR. The application serves as a center point for all of your Oculus content, and incorporates a store which obliges you to enter your card details to buy titles; you’re not able to utilize your Google Play balance. Some applications are free, however the most luring offerings require expense on the player’s part, costs are high when contrasted with standard mobile games. Prices range between $5 and $10 for the truly excellent titles.

When you’re wearing the Gear VR you’re given a Xbox-style dashboard which shows your applications and downloads. You can likewise see a sub-menu where you can control components like brightness and contrast, and in addition switch on the phone’s back camera to see “this present reality” through a clear front panel, nice when you need to get your footing without removing the headset.

vr dashboard

Since your phone is a piece of the entire Gear VR , notifications pop up amid use. These can be held back if you don’t want, yet the 3D effect as these quickly show up is quite cool, and they are not overly intrusive. Given they show up on-screen, so it spares you from removing the headset to check your phone – something that will undoubtedly be an issue with other VR headsets which do not have this feature. At long last, it’s significant that Oculus has incorporated a Xbox Live-style “friends” framework in its application, so you can monitor what your friends are playing and get that extremely vital social component – a key element when you consider that VR adequately cuts you off from your environment.

A Review of Samsung VR Gaming

Even though VR is heating up in lots of industries, the present VR focus is still centered around what it can convey to the gaming fans. On Gear VR, the many applications accessible are games, some better than others. EVE Gunjack is a sample; just like MMO EVE Online, it places you in a static gun turret with the assignment of repulsing incoming enemy ships. To point, you should simply glance around – and not get diverted by the perfect visuals. A controller isn’t needed to play, yet it is easier with a controller, as reloading and terminating can be controlled with the buttons. Gunjack may or may not be the best VR game in the market, yet it’s the ideal example for VR’s potential – this is something that basically couldn’t be recreated by customary, non VR means.

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Maybe all the more striking is Land’s End, an exceptional environmental riddle title from UsTwo, the studio which made the madly prevalent Monument Valley on iOS and Android. While the amusement is on-rails and limits player movement in an environment, the feeling is exceptional; it’s conceivable to look down the cliffs and watch the waves. Land’s End is likewise a diversion which demonstrates John Carmack’s point about wires being an obstacle to virtual reality you will need to turn 180 degrees to take a look behind you, and this would be impossible if the Gear VR wasn’t an independent, link free unit.

Both of these illustrations are created around VR, however, there are different offerings which endeavor to take customary gaming kinds and give them an immersive twist. VR Karts is essentially a Mario Kart clone and requires a Bluetooth to play. You control your vehicle as you may expect, with speeding up, braking and weapon arrangement set to different buttons. In any case, you can glance around to see drivers behind or close by you, which adds more excitement to the game.


There’s an unmistakable difference between games which utilize a controller and those which use head movement. Those with head movements require that you tap the side of the Gear VR to input data and this turns out to be a nuisance after some time; Bluetooth pad is recommended if you are serious about gaming with the Gear VR. They’re not costly nowadays, you may even have one in the house already.

A Review of Samsung Gear VR Experiences

There are applications to download that enable you to use the Gear VR’s awesome qualities without games. Here’s an example: Oculus 360 Photos permits you to remain at the foot of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and look up to the sky. It’s only a static picture, however the impact is still amazing. A VR variant of Google’s Street View has the same impact – while the symbolism doesn’t move, despite everything it feels like you are present.

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There are applications which put you in energizing circumstances to make it feel like you’re getting in on the activity. You could be surfing in Australia or scaling a mountain – what you’re seeing is clearly direct video footage caught by a 360 degree camera, yet the impact is surreal. Video quality is poor, given that your phone doesn’t have tons of storage and few people are going to download the whole clip and watch it offline.

Organizations are looking at VR as a business. There is a Jurassic World application which is a bit more than a 360 video with 3D effects. You stand in a forest where you meet a massive dinosaur.

More amazing are the applications which mean to place you in a specific area that may not regularly be open. Galleries can be viewed virtually, and there’s even a Netflix application which plants you in a rich lounge with an enormous TV screen. It’s an interesting thought – why watch Netflix on a virtual TV when you have a genuine one in your home. With future applications, you could have front row seats to watch sports live.

A conclusion of the Samsung Gear Review

Samsung and Oculus are discovering their potential with this gadget. The direction VR is taking is not exactly known, but Gear VR presents a clear case of what to possibly expect. The product isn’t completely there yet. There are some applications that do not have a long lifespan. Popping this headset on typically means losing a hour or two of your time; once you venture into this immersive world, it’s difficult to come out. The headset doesn’t need wires which is a huge plus. This helps make players feel like they’re out of the real world.

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Gear VR has its impediments. Since it’s controlled by a cell phone and not an effective PC or console, there’s a limit that engineers are going to hit with regards to visuals. We can expect astonishing design on PSVR. Gear VR is relying on weaker technology. The headset could be abandoned in the coming year as the engineers rush to more proficient gadgets. Gear VR doesn’t normally ship with a controller. Developers are concentrating on head-movements or the Gear VR’s touchpad – and this limits gaming encounters that can be created. The last weakness is that Gear VR needs a Samsung telephone to work – so in case you’re an iPhone proprietor or a devotee of one of Samsung’s numerous other Android rivals, then you won’t be able to use it.

Samsung is one of the greatest makers of cell phones on the planet. S6 and S7 lines are extraordinarily well known, so as far as potential groups of onlookers, the Gear VR has a significant vast pool to dunk into. Under $100, this is a standout amongst the ways of getting into VR. Sony’s PSVR is $400. It’s more available to customers than Sony, HTC or even Oculus’ headsets – and it was first to showcase. In that regard, it could wind up being a standout amongst the most important improvements in the restoration of VR so far. The Gear VR has surely made a lot of believers as it’s been demonstrated to people throughout the world.


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