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Rightmove Unveils VR Platform for Viewing Properties

Rightmove has set in motion plans to use virtual reality that will enable potential buyers view property they are interested in from the comfort of their homes. The virtual reality platform for viewing houses is digitally profiled by an environmental artist. The virtual version of the house gives potential buyers the chance to check out a property without ever stepping in the door. This allows clients to virtually customize a home. It will allow people to pick their kitchen finishes or wall color finishes. Having a representation of a property in virtual technology enables prospective buyers to make decision with ease.

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Trial Tours

The test tours organized by North London agency, Martyn Gerrard are available to be accessed with the help of a Google Cardboard headset. The trial tours were compiled using a camera rig with six connected GoPro cameras and the footages recorded were combined together to develop a ‘fully immersive’ 360-degree video.

On Rightmove’s YouTube channel, the virtual reality tours for a 2.5 million pounds mansion and a new development in Finchley are available. These can be viewed with Google Cardboard headset or with the 360-degree video application, Littlestar. At Finchley and Whetstone offices, Martyn Gerrard will also promote trial tours to potential buyers.



Rigthmove’s head of innovation, Hannes Buhrmann, said that “Rightmove is always looking for innovative new ways to make the process of searching for and buying a house even easier, and this is an interesting avenue we wanted to explore”. “With this approach, potential buyers can get more of a feel for properties and choose one that really suits their requirement for visitation. It could make the whole process more time efficient for buyers, agents and vendors”, he added.



Nothingham firm Walton and Allen has shown that a greater number of agents are using virtual reality technology. The two agencies said they are the first in UK, to produce trial tours on a large scale for almost all of its properties for sale or to let. Walton and Allen have collaborated with Newtonmedia TV to produce trial tours which can be viewed with virtual reality headset. Newtonmedia stated that their trial tours will enable potential buyers to stand outside of a property and see how busy the local roads are and will also include local features like parks and markets. “We want to reduce the number of unnecessary viewings sellers have to go through before achieving a sale”, Phil Williams, director of residential sales at Walton and Allen stated. “It’s all very well, estate agents bragging a house has had 27 viewings but that’s 27 times the seller has had to tidy up and set their time aside for people who had seen the aertex on the ceiling or tiny third bedroom beforehand wouldn’t have wasted their time”, he continued.

This virtual reality viewing platform will be very useful to the prospective home buyers as they can shop around for properties without much stress. Thus, a home buyer can view various houses through this platform without visiting the houses physically. However, the agency said that it is not making any effort to replace actual viewing but it is trying to minimize scheduling and access impediments faced by agents and vendors on a regular basis.

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