Room Scale VR - Motion Related Virtual Experience

Room Scale VR – Motion Tracking While You Move

room scale vr

You might be waiting for a virtual reality headset that will make you stand up from your chair and walk around. SteamVR And HTC Vive provide just that.

HTC Vive

Vive has several games that will enable you to have VR experiences that track your movements when you move through a room, otherwise known as room scale VR. You are required to install two gadgets known as Base Stations. For the boundaries of your room to be clearly understood, you will have to complete a guide for your PC so as to enable Steam VR software to know the room’s boundaries.

room scale vr

For room scale you will have to follow these simple steps:

1) Clear any physical items in the room.

2) The system will begin tracking the two Vive controllers and the headset.

3) After this, you will have to hold the controllers and point them on your display so the

4) SteamVR environment will be initiated.

5) In order for the ground to look normal when you have put on the headset, you will be required to place the controllers on the floor and hit the calibrate floor button.

6) Draw the outline of your space using the trigger on one of the controllers.

7) A play area will be drawn in your room after this information has been received by SteamVR.


Watch the video below



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