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Rukkus Introduces Seat 360

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Buying tickets online can be tricky business and this field is very wide with new player all the time. A new player in this game has announced an app that ensures that you have a taste of what your seat will be like before purchasing it. So you’re sure the seat you pay for is the seat you expect. Rukkus application introduces virtual reality to this process of buying tickets online and allows users to get a 360 degree view from every seat in the house.


With the new feature in the Rukkus app, Seat 360, a gyroscopic driven panoramic seat view allows the user to fully experience the view from their seat location first hand before they commit to a purchase. The Seat 360 panoramic views make use of virtual reality and the application is compatible with the Google Cardboard for immersive VR. The same panoramic view is available across all the other platforms but without the virtual reality content.

This new feature is already being used in the national Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) stadiums. More than 50 percent of the Major League Baseball parks have also taken advantage of this opportunity including the Yankee Stadium and AT&T Park in San Francisco. Rukkus is pushing hard to bring the Seat 360 to major theaters and concert venues this summer.

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In a recent interview with Manick Bahn, the CEO/CTO of Rukkus, he talks about the potential of the Seat360 experience and how it can change the way we shop for seats at major live events. “A major factor in the functionality of the technology is that a panorama must be available for each seat in each venue for every possible arrangement of the venue (the stage at a concert in a stadium will be a very different experience than a baseball game at the same location).

Standard seat view photos or renderings are a step in the right direction, but still leave much to the imagination. An interactive panorama tells the whole story and Seat360 utilizes virtual reality in a practical way, giving customers the opportunity to experience their seat before they buy.” Said Manick.

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Bahn went on to elaborate on the special camera rig that Rukkus utilizes to get their content. It has been put together from several hi-definition cameras and software that brings the images together to produce the 360 degrees panorama and tag them with their respective locations.

The latest version of Rukkus application, Seat 360 is available for download on the iOS platform and the android version which is still missing virtual reality capabilities is available on the Google Play Store. You can also access Rukkus online at the official website ruckus.com

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With Rukkus’ help you can get the best seats anytime you book an event and you don’t have to worry about buying a seat and getting a completely different view from what you expected. This way you can be confident of what you’re spending your money on and you already have a glimpse at what to expect so there are no surprises.

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