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Rumors Abound That HTC is Preparing to Spin Off the VR Division


While bits of gossip are just the same old thing going on inside the corporate world, today’s gossip tidbits leaving HTC appears to have legs move around. The gossip that HTC will turn off or spin their virtual reality division, including their lead product the Vive, which was launched months ago, has come back to the surface right after the company announced and declared the dispatch of another firm with the end goal of technological advancement.


At this time, the company has not authoritatively expressed that the new firm would be utilized as a vehicle to isolate or part their virtual reality business from their main smartphone business. This kind of move appears to sit well in some sense of reasoning. HTC has for a long time focused much of their efforts and endeavors towards the smartphone space, and with a 60 billion+ business sector top or market cap, the company absolutely has succeeded in turning into a technology monster in their own aspect and respect. The HTC Vive has started off to a torrid beginning as far as its sales and user input and feedback are concerned, and HTC appears to be amazingly bullish on virtual reality technology as a whole.


Just about a month ago, Wang Tsung-ching who is the head of Vive at HTC branch in China, anticipated that by 2020 the VR headset business sector could surpass that of the smartphone handset market. While such an elevated expectation appears to be outlandish, it also indicates exactly how energized the company is about the business sector in general. While some inside the company likely need to put much more into R&D for virtual reality innovation, their governing body might keep them down to some extent, needing administrators to keep on focusing on smartphone sales as their principle driver for development.


By turning off their VR unit into a sub unit, that sub unit could bring capital and grow up in any way they wish, while the fundamental HTC unit would be unaffected. Having the whole VR sub unit work freely from their corporate overlords could liken a more effective and stronger plan of action for that sub unit, while leaving the fundamental smartphone business untouched.


Bits of gossip have proposed that the new company, which may have been set up under the HTC umbrella months ago, as of now houses the main part of HTC’s VR resources and is being controlled by HTC Chairwoman, Cher Wang. As indicated by government data leaving Taiwan, HTC organizer Cho Ho-tu and Wang’s spouse Chen Wen-chi are additionally on the leading group of this new unit, with workplaces situated on the eighth floor of HTC’s headquarter in New Taipei. While it can not be affirmed this new company really has the majority of HTC’s VR resources inside it, the probability of such a setup appears to be entirely high given the circumstances.


With bullish assumption originating from all directions that is identified with the VR market, there is liable to be real changes drawing near various companies as to their interest for the space. How about we hear your ideas on the possibilities of HTC turning off their VR division in the HTC VR Spin Off gathering.

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