SAMA Awards Uses Digital Technology for Event Viewing

SAMA Awards Step Up the Event With This Digital Technology


Television viewers will have the chance to watch the 22nd installment of the South African Music Awards (Sama) in a virtual reality enabled mode via live streaming with the new Sama mobile app. This program was announced at the SAMA nominations events in Soweto and will give fans a firsthand movie screening of the awards ceremony by allowing them connect with the aid of virtual reality headsets.

sama 22nd anual award

“We need to be well positioned in a digitalized universe, by utilizing the right channels of communication with our target market and engage them in their language of the future”.

“People are not always going onto the Web to search for information therefore we must come to them through innovative ways and provide that information,” he continues.

He goes on to add that the app can be accessed through the Android and iOS and all information concerning the Sama awards will be accessible there. Interested people will now be able to vote for their favorite musicians who successfully reached the different groups of nominations.

sama award

“The app also connects to a Google maps application providing directions to both the Sama awards event and the location of the Sama pre-party.”

“We will also be streaming the live event and behind the scenes portions of the show, even those who do not have VR headsets will still experience the 360-degree viewing, provided they have a good network connection such as 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi,” he notes.


He mentions that this won’t be the first time the Sama awards have used an app. The first attempt at this was in 2013 but they failed to entice users back then as internet access was more expensive and the use of smartphones was not as widespread as it is now.

“In 2016 there is a wider adoption of internet use in SA and many more Wi-Fi hotspots. People are more tech savvy and this reflected in the good reception of the app so far.”


“As a result we are discussing content strategies on the direction to take once the awards are over. We aim to continue engaging and interacting with people over a 12 month period” he explains.

Mervyn Naidoo, CEO of Appme, the company that created the app, mentions that the live streaming event that helps in reaching the wider market and at the same time providing them with a better picture quality than what is obtainable on television.

“We are pushing boundaries through the live streaming service; viewers watching through their smartphones have an option to use virtual reality headsets or google glasses which will provide a front row seat experience as they will be immersed into a close-up view of the stage on the event night” he points out.

sama music award

Naidoo also mentions that viewers can now move around with their smartphones in their hands and get an up-close 360-degree view of the artists and the people at the gathering.

Talking more about the technical details, Naidoo says that the live stream will come from a feed which will supply the TV footage via a third party server.

Watch the video below



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