Samsung 360 Gear Camera- Game Changer on Photo and Video Industry

Samsung 360 Gear Camera- The One of a Kind Technology

Samsung 360 gear camera

The new 360 gear camera is made to capture what a person can view in front of them. Samsung announced that other manufacturers like Kodak, Nikon, LG, Rickoh, Vuze and Bublcam are most likely to manufacture the same gadget.

samsung 360 gear camera

Samsung Released a New Gear for Photo Capturing

This camera has a dual 22.0 lens that with a 15 megapixel sensor which is able to produce high quality images and other 30 megapixel images. It’s specially made so as anybody can handle it having a 2.0 bright lens that ensure the correct capture of images even when one is in a poorly lit environment. Other features include a removable battery, an ability to connect to WiFi, an internal image processor, 1.5- gigabyte random access memory and a micro SD card.

It produces MP4 and JPEG videos which are usually easy to export to other gadgets. It works well with Samsung handsets like the galaxys5 and the GalaxyS6. Action director is an application that the gear 360 will use when you want to use your personal computer. Businesses like decorators hotels and real estate agents can use this device to display their products and their services. Businesses are able to connect with their customers because when the VR component is merged with the 360 content it showcases their services well.

 Watch the video below



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