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Samsung Announces Milk VR

Samsung is seeking to enhance virtual reality usage by the initiation of Milk VR, which aims to provide free 360-degree videos for Gear VR headset clients.

Samsung’s response to the lack of VR content available for Gear VR is its launching of the content through Milk VR. Milk VR is a service that will enable users to view 360 degree videos for free as long as they have a Samsung Gear VR headset. The point of this is just to attract users towards the services.

The 360-degree video content made available through Milk VR will also be serving as the mold for movie makers and artists that might be looking to get into virtual reality at some point. It is expected that Milk VR will create a large network for virtual reality videos as well as a stable viewership for the content.

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The position of Samsung in the content industry will be boosted up by the launch of Milk VR, where it already has Milk Video and Milk Radio in position. It seems as though Samsung is investing a substantial amount of money and resources into virtual reality content.

Nick DiCarlo, head of Samsung VR business, mentioned in an interview that, “Video is like the Wild West in VR. There are so many ways to shoot immersive video. Milk VR can play a wide range of content.”

Samsung joined up with Facebook-owned Oculus to produce a mobile controlled headset, ending up in the production of Gear VR. A limited version of this project was already been launched for developers to use and test out.

The Gear VR cost $199. Moreover, it requires a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to fully perform, as the headset processor is to be served by the smartphone to put on a quality virtual reality experience as for the sound and display.

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In DiCarlo’s views, the number of Gear VR’s sold does not determine the success, but to a certain extent, the users’ engagement will be a determining factor as to whether or not the Gear VR is successful.

DiCarlo didn’t say anything about when he expects virtual reality to be accepted by the masses.

Samsung hopes that virtual reality might serve as a big boost for the corporation, as smartphone sales have been dropping which in turn is hurting the companies bottom line.

Samsung, in the smartphone market, has not played well with its Galaxy S5, losing out to Apple and its iPhone 6 in the higher end market. In the case for the lower end of the smartphone market. The company is also losing out to phone producers such as Xiaomi due to lower costs and sometimes better features as well.

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