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Samsung: Electrocuting Your Inner Ear Will Make VR Better

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How far are you willing to go with the immersive experience of a virtual reality game? Electrocuting your inner ear, which will eventually make you feel seasick is a good idea, according to Samsung and it may be planning something in the long run.


Samsung’s C-Lab showed off the Entrim 4D headphones at the Texas SXSW festival, and they will sound like normal headphones while playing, but it will send a very low-voltage electric current to your ear nerve through stimulation of the galvanic vestibular. This tricks you to feel that you are falling, due to the electric current hence you move the other ear to correct it.


Although they have been around for a while now, but with no application, the new headphones, which are wired up to a virtual reality situation will make you lean the same way your virtual character moves. However, for people who have tried out the prototype, they say that the feeling of seasickness and disorientation is still there and more work still needs to be done. Samsung agrees and to give it a more 3D experience and even solve motion sickness, it is adding electrodes to the next generation.


Watch the video below




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