Improved Samsung Gear VR Expected to Draw New Users

Samsung Gear VR Now Packed with New Features to Woo VR Users

Samsung Gear VR

May 11, 2016, was a day to behold as smartphone industry giant Samsung and virtual reality specialist Oculus have announced that they planning to introduce new entertainment and educational features to the Samsung Gear VR headset. Through this, they are hoping to change the technological interest into a cultural trend.

Nomads, a three-dimensional video series exploring wayfaring routine in remote areas on earth, is one of the newest addition announced that Wednesday. Another exciting new selection is Tactera, a unique video game that will have players testing their strategic planning skills to come up with a battlefield strategy on a holographic tabletop. Then there’s the 360-degree video called 6X9 that gives viewers a bleak look into what it’s like to be wedged in what is called a prison’s solitary imprisonment cell. All of these are expected to make the Samsung Gear VR a real must-have.

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Virtual Reality

Things to Know About the Samsung Gear VR

Since its consumer model was launched half a year ago, there are already 250 apps designed for the Gear virtual reality, and these apps are all combined in one menu. But these plans with the Gear is yet to happen, even though it has already been getting the attention of a lot of users.

It was shared by Oculus that almost 1 million people used the Samsung Gear VR last month for an average of 25 minutes daily—80 percent of that time is spent watching videos. 

With the help of Oculus, Samsung created the Gear for their newest phone releases. It was before the virtual reality specialist was bought by Facebook, hoping to make virtual reality known to a wider audience.

“Oculus can help people experience anything, anywhere,” boasted Max Cohen, vice president and head of mobile at Oculus VR. “We think this (technology) can actually change people’s lives.”



Truth be told, virtual reality has been here longer than we all think, just that, there wasn’t any big company to help it eventually take off. But Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, believed that VR will become the next big thing. Now technology companies Google and Apple are trying hard to keep up. In June this year, Google introduced the Google Cardboard, a virtual reality platform for smartphones.

Another virtual reality headset was released after the Samsung Gear VR—the Rift, which is considered more advanced than its predecessor. The Rift costs $600 and would need to be connected to a high-powered computer.

Samsung Gear VR

Those who have purchased the Samsung Gear VR only need a few things to make use of the device: headphones and a Samsung phone (a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, or a Note 5). To use the Samsung Gear VR, you of course need to install the Oculus app, and in hopes of making things easier for its users, the virtual reality giant has released a new and improved version of its app.

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