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Samsung Gear VR Used by Over 1 Million People Last Month


You must have heard or used Virtual Reality before, and you thought that this new technology will not hold its ground in the market. Some tech giants think differently, they want this technology to succeed. Just few days ago, Oculus announced that more than a million people used Gear VR (Samsung) Headset in the month of April. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion in year 2014; it provides software for Samsung’s Headset.

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According to Oculus, developers have created over 250 apps for Gear VR, which has gained attention of software engineers. This number may seem small to some, but we must not forgot that it has only been six months since the launch of Gear VR. Many analysts believe that momentum for this technology is growing, but with a cautious approach.

Growing Momentum of Virtual Reality

It seems that momentum is not slowing down. In 2016, vendors are expected to ship 6.3 million VR headsets globally; as per a research report by Canalys. Another research conducted by CCS insight, explained that by year 2020, VR Headsets and Augmented Reality may grow up to 96 million units, which will have a value of total $14.5 billion.

CCS Insight’s chief of research, Ben Wood said; “You could say these numbers deliver cautious optimism for the potential of VR and 360 degree content.”

“It is also about the fact we are seeing a whole ecosystem built around it and with the marketing Samsung and Facebook are putting behind it, it’s getting more prominent in the consumer consciousness,” Wood said.



There are a number of reasons why major tech players such as Facebook, Google, and HTC are so much interested in this technology. One of the important aspects for VR is quality content, something that most major tech firms have realized.


As per statistics by Oculus, seven of top ten apps that people are using belong to videos. On a regular day, up to 80% people who use Gear VR watch videos. This is one of the things that Samsung will be taking advantage of, and this may be the reason why Samsung released Gear 360 camera this year.

Tech Industry and People are supporting Virtual Reality

Both YouTube and Facebook, along with their billions of users are supporting photos and 360 videos. Just few days ago, Facebook made an announced that 360 photos will appear in news feeds. They were in separate section before; this move may help connect people with VR ecosystem. As per Wood, content so far has been good for people, but when you visit YouTube, there is a lot of content and some of which has poor quality.”

User generated content and gaming are not the only big thing in VR. Many professional companies are showing interest in Virtual Reality. Disney recently made a deal with a VR camera known as OZO for creating 360-degree content. Medical professionals are also showing a great deal of interest in VR.

Google is among companies who have step up to support VR. As per rumors and media reports, Google; who is a giant tech, may launch a VR Headset in its I/O event next week. There are many signs that indicate a major change, and with major tech companies backing up VR, future of this technology looks positive.

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