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Samsung Has an Ingenious Solution to the Cost Issue of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality technology sounds so impressive in its descriptions that it almost seems too good to be true. The technology has received a lot of attention in the media and the anticipation is fever pitch. Seeing is believing, however, and it is too easy to dismiss the potentials of the technology until you actually try it out yourself. On the other hand, being cynical about the technology is also allowed as this happens to be the second or third coming of virtual reality. But the fact remains that whoever tries out these headsets and views his fist virtual reality scenes or game is bound to be awestruck at the marvels on display.

This technology and its associated equipment or gear still happens to be very expensive with big names in the industry Oculus and HTC effectively setting the bar high at over $1700 as a result of their need for a super fast new PC.

The Samsung Gear VR

Samsung offers a relatively cheaper option, a third option if you like which gives more users access to the VR world. The only drawback of this cheaper option is that it doesn’t rank anywhere close to the higher end counterparts in terms of resolution and quality but it will still give you a pretty good experience of virtual reality. By combining this inexpensive headsets with one of its latest smartphones, the Samsung Gear VR will provide cheaper and more portable options.

The Gear VR cost around $150 which is way cheaper than any virtual reality headset out there but the catch here is that you have to pair it with one of their very recent and powerful Samsung galaxy brands of which the cheapest you can get is around $600.


The Gear VR is comfortable and light and it is made of a durable plastic frame with lenses where the smartphone slots securely. With a touchpad besides your right temple and a dial you can use to adjust the focus, the setup is made whole.

Virtual Reality Content for the Gear VR

The Gear VR already has massive support from the developer community as it already has up to 100 games available and a bunch of virtual reality videos. Another real draw back of the Gear VR is the relatively low resolution which is exposed even further as it is so close to your eyes.

VR versions of the popular fast-paced titles such as Temple Run aren’t the best for virtual reality as they bring with them a lot of motion sickness to the user and instead of those, we look to more languid paced games such as land’s End and Esper. Esper for example doesn’t have photorealistic graphics but it still offers a deeply immersive VR world where you can solve physics based puzzles in 3D.

Samsung has done really well to introduce this cheaper option and it will go a long way into making the mainstream vision of virtual reality a reality. This ingenious solution to the cost issue isn’t perfect but it holds massive potential.

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