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Samsung And LG Venturing Into VR


The two companies, Samsung and LG are both from Korea and they both compete in almost all the fields they are in. While the two companies have many businesses in different field of industries they are both majorly known for their presence in the electronics industry. While Samsung and LG produced some of the widely accepted refrigerators, televisions and other household devices , they have remained in the public glare in the recent past based on their Smartphone products. But, with the Smartphone industry becoming saturated I the two biggest markets, the two of them have diverted their interest into virtual reality (VR), which a lot of people are of the opinion that it will bring a lot of increment and greater margins over the next couple of years. The two companies have been moving with great speed to provide content for their individual VR hardware.

Though, Samsung has been selling VR headsets as one of its Gear VR lines, LG showcased its own recently, that is LG 360 VR .The two companies have unveiled 360-degree panoramic VR cameras each, while LG named its own as LG 360 Cam, Samsung called its own VR Camera, the Gear 360.

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After releasing its first-generation VR sets, LG is now focusing on developing content and in line with this, the company have been said to have signed a deal with Red Bull to make available 360-degree break dance and Taekwondo videos making use of its VR cameras and upload them to YouTube.

It was rumored that the company contracted Jin-jo dance team crew from Korea and band Rapurcussion from Brazil to perform in the video.

Samsung Electronics has combined with Facebook and Everland, Korea’s biggest theme-park.




Oculus VR, the company behind Oculus Rift is obviously owned by Facebook and whose software is used by Samsung’s Gear VR sets. However, having completed signing the deal with Everland resort, Samsung electronics held a get together for VR lover on April 24 at the theme-park, which permitted user to have a number of rides with photos recorded by the company’s Gear 360 VR camera. The company has unveiled its partnership with Facebook and the Mobile World Congress trade show that came up at Barcelona, the capital of Spain this year February and of recent gave 2,500 manufactures who came to Facebook’s “F8 2016” gathering of manufacturers Samsung Galaxy S7 and gear VR in San Francisco, California last month.

Smartphone companies are in all parts of this planet, and it is obvious that all of them got their inspiration from the actual American inventor of mobile phones . It is very glaring that some parts of this planet has upper-hands than others. South Korea is definitely among them, their 4G network is intimidating to a in this planet, as well as having two industry giants, LG and Samsung.


Samsung has been taking the lead in the Android world for some times now while LG has been trying to unseat Samsung at the top of the ladder. With good products such as LG G3 and G4, LG the second South Korean Smartphone company has also been successful, and are believed to be among the best worldwide.

Their year 2016 first quarter accounts, which was made public recently surprised a lot.

Cho Juno, the CEO of LG electronics said that, he desired that the company should work with high speed and become an overall “lighter” division.

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