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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear: Review

samsung gear vr

Samsung Galaxy Wear Smartwatch

The Galaxy Gear is a nice smartwatch, but it looks like a first-generation Samsung gadget. This conception is awesome, but it requires more work to get it right. The device seems to need more third party support and additional functionality to work well for mass users.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

While talking about smartwatches, what comes to your mind first? If you are the nostalgic type, it is possible if you like sci-fi, that your mind will glide back to Dick Tracy, or to those times when Michael Knight shouted at KITT to help him get out of tight spots.

These types of products are gaining a lot of buzz now-a-days as companies are looking to create VR devices and/or devices that help enhance our everyday lives in unique ways.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

It was only an issue of time before a large number of companies like Samsung would get into wearable devices. Galaxy Gear was announced with other products as well; the Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 3.

This Galaxy Gear has a 1.6 inch AMOLED 320 x 320 resolution screen, forthcoming with third party support and a camera. It promises not to copy any other smartwatch that we used to play with in the past. The suggested MSRP of it up till now is $300, which is a pretty hefty price to pay for the ease of looking at texts on your wrist. In order to consider its purchase along with new Galaxy Note 3, one should be clear about its good execution.

Samsung Gear

Is your watch, smart?

What makes a watch smart these days? Is a watch something that just sits on someone’s wrist and makes a sound when a phone does something in the pocket? Is it just a watch or a fully fledged phone or like Galaxy Gear or something in between? There are several devices which pretend to be smartwatches and there is always a benefit for the consumer who is really not that interested in it, but he has strapped this device onto his or her wrist.
The Galaxy Gear is really a charming device, metal mixed superbly and cleverly with rubber to give it a solid feel. The design is nice except for the camera which looks a bit odd as for its placement on the watch.

The comfort of the watch varies depending on your wrist size, but overall seems to be pretty comfortable.

Included with the Gear is a micro USB cord as well as a charging cradle which users can use to charge their device.

Samsung Galaxy gadgets

The watch has a built in NFC tag that allows the user to sync the smart watch with their Note 3. After the devices sync, Bluetooth is activated as well. There is a My Apps section that allows users to download from about 70 apps once the Gear is launched. It’s expected that Samsung’s app store is going to increase greatly and there’s said to be a lot of focus on fitness apps. The user can start the smart watch by simply lifting their arm or pushing the home button. It’s possible to disable the option of starting by moving one’s arm, so that people don’t have to utilize that feature if they don’t want.

Some other cool features for the smartphone include voice control features and notifications that keep the user updated on what they want to be updated on. There is a negative about the notifications feature though. For some notifications, especially though for non-Samsung apps, the user sin’t able to see details on the watch, it just says in a standard format, that there’s a new notification. This may change though when certain apps make an effort to become streamlined with the Galaxy Gear.

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