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Samsung’s Gear VR – Give It Another Look

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After years of stomach twisting anticipation, it’s over, the VR headsets of the future are arriving. The Rift gives you an interactive experience with a fistful of excellent options. All the while, the Vive offers to you unprecedented control of your virtual environment. However, as extraordinary as these two devices are, they’re not as great as the Samsung Gear VR.

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the best VR headsets on the market, even though many people may not realize that right away.

It’s not the highest in regards to it being the most technologically advanced headset currently out in our market. That’s actually the HTC Vive which we will chat about later. Link in the large array of required peripherals, toss on the headset, and poof! You’re sent to a space station straight out of Battle Star Galactica! The top thing that isn’t available is some star character being a royal pain. The Vive’s controllers offer a subtle but intensive feedback that joins together seamlessly with your optical experience. You touch a balloon in a game, and you can feel it slip off the end of your finger-tips. If you notice a large object off in the distance, you can run to that location, the only way you won’t have to fret about breaking your neck when you slip off a ledge or stubbing your toe on a tree.

Road to VR
The Rift, on the other hand, has better video games than the Vive, its $200 less in price, and its empowered by the similar excellent UI as the Gear VR, and it needs significantly less cords. Yet these advantages pair with the drawback that you’re confined to a single location a single seat, for your whole experience. It’s an entertaining session, but hardly as awesome as what the Vive can offer.

And the two devices still need a large investment on top of your $700-$900. That is, you will have to have a high grade computer. It has to have a great video card that costs at around $300. You can stick that into a PC you previously own and keep some cash, or you’re going to have to build out or buy your own affordable PC, and that’s a $500 investment at the way minimum. Which is basically saying you’ve dropped more than a grand down on a system that’s still in its very early stages.

Finally, we come to the area in which the Gear VR glows. It lets early users get their VR fix without having to spend their kid’s college fund.

If you previously own a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a newer model, then the price of experiencing this unique world of virtual reality is precisely $120. That’s all.

Now if someone doesn’t have a Samsung phone then the tag drops to about $600 (the Gear VR plus a Samsung Galaxy S6). That’s still fifty percent off the financial situation of the Vive or Rift. Plus 100-percent less cords to work with.

There are a few points that we have to worry about, of course. The images in the Gear VR won’t be as good, with being formed by a mini phone instead of a humongous desktop PC. And people in glasses will experience some issues focusing their eyes on the cheaper headset.

The Gear VR definitely won’t have tons of content. But what content is available is so small minded and simple to move around. Place the phone with the headset, follow the directions, and move.

So instead of blowing all your money on the stunning and stunted Vive or the innovative and nausea inducing Rift, you may want to consider tossing a percent of your paycheck on the Samsung Gear VR. The Gear VR can be as low as half the price of other options and it’s about 75 to 90% of what the best current VR experience would be anyways.


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