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Scientists: More Research Needed on The Long Term Effects of Virtual Reality Use

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Scientists announced that it’s releasing a PlayStation in October and this, together with the many virtual reality headsets already in the market is bringing up questions about the effects they have on eyesight, the brain and behavior. Oculus has listed possible side effects such as nausea, seizures in children engaging in prolonged use and trouble with eye coordination resulting in a few long term effects of the use of technology.

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Marty Bank, professor of optometry at the University of California, Berkeley, says that the impact on the eyes may be temporary, but it’s worth watching out for long-lasting effects. He says that companies are just playing it safe and cautious by listing more of the side effects.

The impact of virtual Reality on human behavior is another area of concern. Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Director of Virtual Reality at the University of Southern California thinks there is a need to study human behavior and their interaction with the virtual world and see what the implications are. He believes that VR helps those living with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

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Sarah Sharples, professor of human factors at the University of Nottingham points out that common sense should prevail in VR companies as they are keenly involved in probing the problems. The negative effects of using VR when the  Scientists Take Action on the Effects of Virtual Reality should not stop us from using it, but we need to be cautious and sensible. She advises that you should not use the headset if you feel unwell and be under close supervision.

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