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See Chernobyl Before and After Disaster With VR

Chernobyl project


The Chernobyl exclusion zone now has some beautiful wildlife, however it hasn’t been that way forever by any means. After the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986, everything was deserted as buildings were empty and it was a complete mess. Well, for those of us who didn’t get to see what it looked like after the disaster and for those of us who haven’t seen what it looks like now, we now have the opportunity to.

The Farm 51, a Polish gaming company, has created a VR project called Chernobyl VR. It’s the “first ever virtual tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat intended for VR devices”.


The footage for this was captured utilizing high resolution stereoscopic cameras and it shows footage from inside homes, offices and amusement parks. The Farm 51 executives have noted that the VR experience is meant to “tell the story” of the people who were victims of the terrible Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.

The Farm 51’s virtual-reality adventure lets you explore Chernobyl and Pripyat | VG247

The Vice President of Farm 51, Wojciech Pazdur, said, “We decided that the dramatic story of the Chernobyl disaster should not be relegated to the level of action games. We wanted to show that VR can be used not only for entertainment, but also for things that are socially important”. 

Virtual reality has been utilized in similar projects intended to educate people, such as the VR project created by David Attenborough which enables people to experience the Great Barrier Reef and there’s also a video (from a first person view) of a Palestinian family who had 2 of their sons killed in the war.

The Chernobyl VR experience is set to release in June and will be available on the Oculus Rift.

Watch the video below



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