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See How Virtual Reality is Changing the Interior Designing

Researchers have integrated Virtual Reality into Interior designing, do you want to know how? You must have heard about interior design projects that don’t do well, but do you know what’s common in them? They lack in the creativity department. One of the reasons is that people fail to describe what they want, and because of it; interior designers fail to live up to expectations. There could be many reasons beside this, but the main agenda is, customers don’t get what they want.

Technology is offering a solution for this problem; want to know how? Virtual Reality is giving you an opportunity to see how your house will look like. 3D modeling and latest tools are helping designers to give clients a vision of their project before it is started.

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“You have a feeling of what you want, but it’s hard to articulate. You just know it when you see it, “said Kevin Hecker, a software engineer. This is the reason he choose an online interior design service that offers a vision of the house using virtual reality technology. “It really looked like our living room,” Hecker said.

How Interior Designers are using Virtual Reality

Havenly, an online interior design company gives you a vision by capturing photographs of your house and overlapping them with suggested furniture, windows, colors, and other accessories. Everything is scale down to give you a sense of proportion and depth. They use 3D and VR technology; although, three dimensional technology is not as good as virtual reality, but it gives you a good sense of space in your house.

It is not surprising to know that designers have started to use visualization apps to help clients be comfortable while buying services. Because of level of difficulty, not many designers experiment with virtual reality. Examples of such designers are Ikea (a Swedish company) and DIRTT (a Canadian Company); they build offices, residential and commercial projects using this technology.

VR technology is not only limited to western countries, it is gaining popularity in Asia as well. FabIndia, an Indian company; is testing augmented reality (virtual reality lite). Rather than wearing googles, you can hold your tablet like you are about to take a photo, and bring objects such as tables, sofas, and chairs from retail catalogs.

How Virtual Reality is fitting in?

You can find many virtual reality apps that are made for interior designers and clients. Some of the apps are difficult to use and gives you limited selection of items. Although, virtual reality and 3D modeling have made a revolution in interior designing, many designers still believe that it is better to leave things to imagination.


“It’s definitely the wave of the future, because it allows the general population to make design decisions without feeling hesitant or insecure,” said Khoi VO, professor and chair of Interior Designing, at Savannah College of Art and Design.

There are many questions that a client has in mind, such as how the house will look like in night and day time. Virtual reality is giving a clear solution to clients and interior designers; it provides a vision of the house. It not only saves money and time but also allow clients to make right decisions. The only problem that interior designers have to face is creating a virtual reality environment that looks real rather than a cartoonish image.

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