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How to Set Up the HTC Vive


A lot of cables are needed in the setting up the HTC Vive. Most devices and gadgets come in a ready-to-use form and has made us not realize thee work involved in setting these things up from scratch. The HTC Vive setup is not a walk in the park and it is real work that makes every other thing which seems hard child play. The Vive is inarguably the most exciting and advanced virtual reality headset on sale at the moment and to be honest, it is not just about Virtual Reality like the Samsung Gear VR, it places you in a digital environment where you can do whatever it is you like and use the two handheld controllers to interact with games in an entirely new way.

HTC Vive Setup

Besides the 689 pounds price tag, the beast of a computer you’ll run it on, and then the amount of physical space it will take in your house, it is really hard work to set it up.

HTC Vive setup guide: Hardware

Vive comes in a huge box full of black cubes, gadgets, cables and quite possibly a first for any gaming accessory, a bag of wall screws. These will be used to mount the two lighthouses 1.8m up in the air and up to 5m apart. It is suggested by HTC that you make holes into your walls and the fixture will be permanent afterwards or to simply use tripod.

Finishing the remainder of the setup is a fairly simple setup which mainly entails plugging everything together which is detailed in the setup guide on the HTC website. Contrary to what the guide says that the setup will take 25 minutes, don’t be surprised when you spend two hours before you’ll get the first game up and running. Remember you first saw it here.

HTC Vive Setup

Although most of the hitches were due to software problems, many drivers needed to be installed on the brand new MSI gaming laptop Nvidia had provided us with for our Vive review before the first game came to life.

HTC Vive setup guide: Mapping your room

The main selling point of Vive is the fact that you can walk around in the virtual world. All you need to do to let Vive know how much space you can play in is to just grab one of the controllers and walk around the perimeter. On first attempt, Vive almost nailed this but to stretch the area as much as possible you will have to enter advanced mode where you click the controller’s trigger at each corner of your rectangular playground. This might take some trials before the system will finally understand what you want but it still works anyway.


The Vive shouldn’t be criticized too much here and it is undeniable that it is a device for hardcore gamers which is packaged with high technology that will be cheap, easy and widely accepted one day.

HTC Vive setup guide: Software

If you run into problems getting your headset to start working, if after checking every other thing and they seem to be in place, just check your graphics card and that might just be the solution the problem.

HTC Vive Setup

HTC Vive setup guide: Worth the wait?

Setting up the Vive system with the setup guide that came with this 700-pound device can be frustrating because we are all accustomed to plugging and getting things to work almost instantly but buyers won’t mind because probably okay with searching for graphics card drivers and are good with sticky tape and improvisation. However, once Vive is finally set up, it offers the best virtual reality experience that’s currently available.

HTC Vive Setup

Vive is an indeed brilliant device and completely worth the wait. The technology is clearly at its most expensive, complex and difficult stage at the moment. A VR device as brilliant as the Vive will definitely get cheaper, smaller and less complex with time only if the early buyers buy it on time and cope with the issues it has right now. Future Vive devices will definitely be hundred times better than the present one.

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