Sisters' Gear Virtual Reality Review

Sisters’ Gear VR Review

Sisters: Upgraded Horror Experience

As far as virtual reality is concerned, some genres are just better left for VR gaming than others. A genre that will fare extremely well in the VR technology is horror.

For many years, to maintain relevance and adapt in the constantly growing and changing video game environment, the horror genre has had to evolve over and over again. As VR and the horror genre go hand in hand in terms of compatibility and how they complement each other, scary video game may soon find a new home to create genuine moments of panic and terror. Otherworld’s Sisters perfectly demonstrates how the immersion of VR and eerie setting, a good pair of headphones can scare the living daylights out of you with the immersion of VR.

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vr gameplay sisters

The game is set in a very familiar environment, with the player sitting on a couch, making it an experience everyone and anyone can relate to.

The player sits in a couch on a dark and windy night but something out of the ordinary is happening in the room. The Emergency Broadcast System sounding from the nearby TV gives off a loud pitch cry which sets the mood to make you (as a player) uneasy and overly anxious as to what might be about to happen. An intense wind then starts blowing, blowing the curtains violently. You look around and notice two menacing looking dolls just above the fireplace on the mantel. Your body reacts to the sight of the two dolls. You just have to shiver in fear.

Most horror games usually rely on sudden and jump scares to key in the impact of the setting, but the scares found in Sisters are very natural. They are set off by the players just looking at specific locations around the room. The lights blink and then you notice one of the dolls has disappeared from the mantel it was resting before. Looking around the room, you find it lying on the floor right in front of you. Suddenly, a large number of crows fills the room and surrounds you, an eerie laughter of a little girl makes you want to fall off your seat and then you find one of the dolls sitting beside you on the couch. Then, you hear deep breathing coming from somewhere close to you and then you turn to see what it is…



Your curiosity is what Sisters is able to use to create all that fear. The fear of the unknown is something that attracts people because they want to know. For example, when a loud sound goes off, people naturally are interested in what’s causing the disturbance. In Sisters, you get rewards for being curious as you get genuine scares that throw you off your seat. Virtual Reality places you in the environment and with the headphones and all the sounds accompanying the games you are bound to have chilly chills.

vr sisters

Sisters is a really short game but it is a brilliant demonstration of how the horror genre can be brought into VR and create really scary situations. With the presence of strong, superb surround sound, horror games will scare the wits out of people like never before, thanks to virtual reality.

Haunting Atmosphere & Setting
Strong Use of Sound
Demonstrates the future of the Horror genre

Very, very short
Simplistic visuals.

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