Sketchfab Reveals VR Expansion and It's Everything We Could Ask For

VR Sketchfab Now Allows You to Explore 750,000 3D Models Using Any VR Headsets

Recently, Sketchfab, the platform well-known for allowing users to share and view 3D models, has improved its virtual reality ability, which allows users to view 3D models using any VR headsets. The launches of a series of apps for virtual reality, which are compatible with the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, as well as Sketchfab’s WebVR support, were announced.

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What Is Sketchfab’s Vision?

Sketchfab’s announcement about the VR expansion is likely a natural development designed for viewing the 3D models. Sure, there couldn’t be a better way to view 3D models than with VR, better than using a laptop or desktop screen. Sketchfab now provides immersive opportunities to view 3D printable model before forwarding it to the printer, or it could also allow users to explore King Richard III’s grave in VR detail.




Everything There Is to Know About the VR Expansion by Sketchfab

According to Sketchfab, it was indeed a milestone development. “This is an important milestone for us. Our users have been sharing amazing 3D creations on Sketchfab for the past four years, and VR offers the most natural and greatest way to experience those.”

The platform also points out that the integration of VR into their system is also important for the virtual reality ecosystem, given the fact that their site hosts far above 750,000 user generated 3D models with the potential for VR content.

“VR needs a volumetric format, and that’s what Sketchfab content is about: a scene you can walk into and navigate with 6 degrees of freedom. We are the largest community of 3D creators, and with more than 750k 3D files published to date, our VR support make us the largest library of user generated VR content,” the company explains further.

Needless to say, the VR expansion by Sketchfab won’t be game-centered and so will not be interactive as other VR experiences, rather it will largely be based on the experience of simply exploring the world around you while discovering the 3D model in detail and fittingly in a 3D virtual environment. The incorporation of VR viewing into their 3D model platform will also give room for the elimination of the external game engines, making character and game design easier for VR platforms ever than it used to be.


Sketchfab made an announcement earlier this year that their WebVR platform could support Google Cardboard, but with this expansion and evolution of their integrated VR system, all VR headsets can now load the 3D models and experience the immersive. The apps, also launched by Sketchfab, have the tendency to be more reliable and easier to use compare to the WebVR option, but at this moment, only a select number of 3D models can be watched through them. This could be understood in the Sketchfab explanation, which states, “The apps are a curated showcase of models and already a great illustration of what Sketchfab + VR means. Our goal is to scale them to let you browse the entire Sketchfab gallery in VR within the apps.”

In order to try out Sketchfab’s WebVR option, simply go to their website and click the View in VR icon featured in the 3D models bottom right corner and you will be transported into a 3D virtual world.

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