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Sky Builds In House VR Team

Sky VR

Sky is showing that they’re very serious about VR. Nothing shows a company is serious like building an entire in house team. Well, that’s exactly what Sky is doing. The broadcaster has created Sky VR Studio, which is a production unit that produces content for VR.

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At first, the studio was creating content mainly for Facebook’s 360 degree video platform. Sky’s content is going to be accessible through Samsung Gear VR headsets and Oculus Rift.

The company plans to launch a dedicated Sky VR app that will reach a lot of people if the company has their way.

Sky is planning on producing over 20 VR videos for multiple sectors – news, movies, entertainment and sports. The first experiences will be a behind the scenes trip with the Formula 1 team with access that includes car viewings and interviews. It also includes 360 degree shots from above the Williams F1 car while it races through the track.


Another fun event Sky VR Studio plans to produce is Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight boxing attempt for the world title.

Gary Davey is the Managing Director of Content for Sky. He said, “We’re still learning the rules of VR, how to make it work and elicit an emotional engagement with viewers. Every six months the camera change, the viewers improve, this is an exciting time for VR and we want to be able to find what works and shape the technology.”

Sky is also investing in other VR companies such as Jaunt VR which has been recording concerts utilizing stereoscopic cameras.

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As of now, content is going to be fairly limited to pre-recorded events that people can download and watch after they’re done. However, Sky is could be an integral part of changing VR as they dedicate real focus to this sector.

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