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‘Slender Man’, a Horror Flick in VR

A blank-faced horror meme was started on the internet and it was called ‘Slender Man’. It has been used as the motivation for quite a number of short stories and non-fiction grisly stabbing. Soon, it might be incorporated into mainstream movie audiences.

It is very uncommon for a meme to get Hollywood’s attention, however, three production studios see prospects in changing Slender Man into a video game, a TV show, a virtual reality experience and even a very creepy doll.


A lot of interested people have long awaited the rise of Slender Man in the cinema industry. Just recently, it was rumored to be a possible motivation for “American Horror Story”. However for the first time, Hollywood is focusing on a meme exactly the same way it would for say a comic book character.

The ill meme got attention nationwide in 2014 when it was found to be the motivation for a high-profile crime: two 12-year old girls in Waukesha, Wis., were accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times in an attempt to ‘impress Slender Man’. They are still awaiting trial.

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A production company called Mythology Entertainment whose works include the movies “White House Down” and “Truth” got intellectual property rights from Eric Knudsen, the character’s creator. They have consorted with Madhouse Entertainment and It Is No Dream Entertainment to probe TV show and video game prospects.


A division of Sony Entertainment is bargaining with Mythology to produce and distribute the movie, Screen Gems based on the sinister meme; according to an email from a spokeswoman for the producers, Annalee Paulo. The announcement of the movie however brought out frustrations from some online fans. An observer wrote, “I definitely think that Slender Man can be scary but it really depends on what kind of story they tell and how they go about telling it.”

The story of the fiend creature is a blank asides a few basics: unnaturally long limbs, wears a suit, hangs out in the woods and preys on children. Its origin is said to be from an online contest where Mr. Knudsen submitted it as a Photoshop creation in 2009.

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Most fans, however, have an alternative belief of its origination. Some of these can be found on Creepypasta Wiki where writers have conformed his past into numerous versions. A number of times, the character is seen to be designed as a paranoiac weapon in those who believe he exists. Slender Man has been linked to other crimes including the case of a 14-year old Florida girl who affirmed to the police that she set her house on fire after reading about Slender Man online.

Mr. Knudsen stated to a news media after the 2014 stabbing that he was displeased by the events in Wisconsin. The site that published the contest, Something Awful, also released a blog post titled “Please Do Not Kill Anybody Because Of Slender Man.”

“He was especially terrifying to the people who try hard to be afraid of things and help each other succeed,” the post stated, including that the character was “the Internet’s dire equivalent of a collective Ouija board party.

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