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Some Travel & Hospitality Companies Exploring VR


The Facebook-owned company, Oculus, is making VR technology in travel, a reality.

When someone is planning to visit a certain place, Oculus VR can make it possible for them without them having to actually go anywhere. Many organizations are now looking forward to investing in this new technology.

Here are some of the companies that are exploring VR in the travel and hospitality industries:

Yachting Partners International, a super yacht chartering and sales company, has come together with the VR manufacturers Bricks and Goggles to enable potential buyers to be able to view their collection of yachts before buying.

Qantas is allowing customers to use Samsung VR headsets in some of their business and first class lounges.

Qantas samsung gear VR

Moet & Chandon is a champagne house that’s going to be offering customers a chance to tour around their vineyards, see how the wines are processed and even sample a lot of wine varieties. 

A new company, YouVisit, is utilizing VR as they’re allowing customers to tour many locations including famous landmarks.

Jaunt is a more established company. They’re giving customers what is referred to as Cinematic VR. The application takes a person right in the center of a production and places where no person can visit as the locations aren’t accessible. With these features, users are given an ability to view a lot of different places.

There are several more travel and hospitality companies using VR and many, many more that will surely jump on board throughout the next several years.


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