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Sony Applauded for Inexpensive VR PlayStation

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Sony has unveiled that its VR PlayStation to be launched in October will be less than 400 dollars. The price is perfect, but doesn’t include the other features like the camera and controllers. And so business analysts are eagerly waiting for them to announce other gadgets that will provide everything that a customer may want. Though they show a high quality demonstration, they don’t have the ability to produce better applications. Being slightly cheaper than other producers, Sony came in handy since a lot of people will be able to afford the VR.


It’s always in the composition found in their systems because they balance and work together, making it popular among manufacturers as well as distributors. Sony will be able to sell more in the market than the other main VR competitors. They will also provide information about their software’s so as it gets more acknowledgments since prices matter little in the gaming sector. They will dominate the VR market more hence making huge profits.

The most asked question is that how will Microsoft react? With Halolens yet to be launched, their won’t be much competition between them since Sony will have a bigger percentage in the whole cycle.

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