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Do You Have Space for Virtual Reality in Your Home?

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Ask yourself, where might you setup the HTC Vive in your home? The Vive’s towers cover up to 15 by 15 feet of space, although most of the experiences don’t need anywhere near that much space.

space for virtual reality
People have said they’ve noticed some issues.

For example, if you were to move your lounging chair into the room with the computer, you probably wouldn’t have much space. And your other option may just be to set up space in your living room, which for some people isn’t something they really want to do. People could set up the computer and HTC Vive in their bedroom, but most likely that won’t work due to spacing issues either.

It also takes a bit of work to set up the 2 cameras on opposite sides of the room, matching 2 remote controllers, putting the headset on your head and connecting the headset to your computer.

The thought of transforming one of your rooms into a holodeck is all the more engaging before you consider the unfeasibility of everything.

The Vive requires a decent amount of work from the consumer as he or she must locate a wide and unhindered zone, close to a top of the line computer, and far from anything costly— like a TV — or hazardous articles — like utensils in a kitchen. The Vive doesn’t simply require a space, it requires the correct space for virtual reality.

space for virtual reality
You probably want to appreciate space for virtual reality, but may be hesitant to start with the HTC Vive due to the space needed for “Room Scale VR”. While it’s definitely work, it is pretty cool too.

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